Temperature and Humidity Meter

  • Temperature range: -50~+70℃ (-58~+158℉)
  • Humidity range: 10%~99% RH
  • Power supply: 1.5 V (AAA size) xl
  • Weight: approx. 160g
  • Storage condition: -20℃~60℃, 20~80% RH
  • Product dimension: 100x108x20 mm

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  • Temperature humidity meter
  • Temperature﹠Humidity Meter
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■ Specifications
►General Description:
This Temperature﹠Humidity Meter is characterized at:
1. large-character LCD display
2. multi-function
3. low power consumption
4. high stability﹠accuracy

1. display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
2. memory of MAX ﹠MIN measuring value
3. 12-hour / 24-hour displaying system selectable
4. ℃ / ℉ unit selectable
5. integral-hour alarm function
6. alarm function
7. clock & calendar function ( month and data )
8. desk-top placing or wall hanging

Temperature range -50~+70℃ (-58~+158℉)
Humidity range 10%~99% RH
Resolution temperature 0.1℃ (0.1℉)
humidity 1% RH
Accuracy temperature ±1℃ (1.8℉)
humidity ±5% RH (40%~80%)
Power supply 1.5 V (AAA size) xl
Weight approx. 160g
Storage condition -20℃~60℃, 20~80% RH
Product dimension 100x108x20 mm

1. temperature range: -50~+70℃ (-58~+158℉)
2. humidity range: 10%~99% RH
3. resolution:
• temperature: 0.1℃ (0.1℉)
• humidity: 1% RH
4. accuracy:
• temperature: ±1℃ (1.8℉)
• humidity: ±5% RH (40%~80%)
5. Power supply : 1.5 V (AAA size) xl
6. product dimension: 100x108x20 mm
7. weight: approx. 160g
8. storage condition: -20℃~60℃, 20~80% RH

►User manual of Hygrothermograph
Product Specification:
1. Temperature Measuring Range: -50℃~+70℃ (-58℉~+158℉)
2. Temperature Measuring Accuracy: ±1℃ (1.8℉)
3. Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃ (0.2℃)
4. Humanity Measuring Range: 10%~99% RH
5. Humanity Measuring Accuracy: ±5% RH
6. Humanity Resolution: 1%
7. Used Battery: AAA 1.5V

Basic Function:
Temperature/ humidity display
℃/℉Temperature Switch Display
Maximum/Minimum Temperature and Humidity Memory Function
12/14 Hourly Clock
Hourly Chime Function
Daily Alarm Function
Calendar Display Function
Widely used in laboratories,chicken farms, cattle farms, instruments shop, library, hospital, computer computer room.

Operation Method:
Burst through battery door according to indicated direction in product back and take out separator, and then put this battery door in back, this product just can be used.
1. Key Function: [MODE] is to switch clock and alarm clock display modes and set current time, alarm time, 12 or 24 hourly system and date: [ADJ] is to adjust values of setitems; [MEMORY] is to display maximum & minimum humidity and temperature values in memory, and remove memorized maximum & minimum temperature and humidity values; [℃ / ℉] is to switch temperature unit to display temperature in ℃ (degree Celsius) or in ℉ (degree Fahrenheit); [RESET] is to remove all set /memorized values, and get back original state.
2. Under original state , press [MODE] key for 2 seconds to make minute value in current time begin to twinkle, and press [ADJ] key to adjust minute number, and continuously press [MODE] key to respectively set “Clock”, “2/24”, “Month(M)” and “day(D)”
3. Under current clock mode (two points between clock and minute do not twinkle), and now press [ADJ] key to switch on and off of “Quarter Bell (Alarm)” function/ “hourly chime” function. Press [MODE] key for another two seconds to set alarm time, and meanwhile, start “Hourly Chime” function, sign appears.
4. Under alarm clock mode, automatically get back current clock in one minute in case of no any operation and press [ADJ] key one time to switch to calendar display, and automatically return to current clock after three seconds; Press MAX/MIN key to display maximum value of term operation/humidity since last clear (CLEAR).
5. Press [MEMORY] key to display memorized maximum (MAX) and minimum (MIN) values of temperature/humidity, and press [MEMORY] key for more than two seconds to memorized maximum/minimum value.

1. Please press one time the [RESET] key (in product’s back) when using or replacing battery for first time;
2. Please press one time the [Reset] key in case of this product happening any mistakes;
3. Please put the exhausted battery in back position designed by government;
■ Technical Data
Temperature range -50~+70℃ (-58~+158℉)
Humidity range 10%~99% RH
Resolution temperature 0.1℃ (0.1℉)
humidity 1% RH
Accuracy temperature

±1℃ (1.8℉)


±5% RH (40%~80%)

Power supply 1.5 V (AAA size) xl
Weight approx. 160g
Storage condition -20℃~60℃, 20~80% RH
Product dimension 100x108x20 mm
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