Animal Nutrition Products Multivitamins Laying Hens Eggs Production to Increase Drugs

  • product name: Multivitamins for Animals
  • Function: Nutritional Medicine
  • Animal Type: Aquatic Animals, Cattle, Fowl, Horse...
  • Product advantage : immunity enhancement
  • Certifications: GMP
  • Storage: Store at cool and ventilate

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■ Specifications
Product Features:
(1) packet is processed by the handling balance of vitamins and amino acids, electrolytes, perfect combination, probiotics can be used in conjunction with any agent of drinking water.
(2) the formula and technology. Water into the "barrel theory" make the formula more rationality.
(3) the German imported raw materials to ensure product's quality and efficiency. Make to burn at a time, a month does not affect curative effect.
(4) the use of nanotechnology and propolis particle technology makes the products with beauty of texture, high solubility, high permeability, the distinctive function of transdermal absorption. And propolis, safflower, enhance immunity, relieve immunosuppression, special effect, such as antiviral hemostasis.

Main Components:
Rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of B vitamin and ß-carotene.

Function &Indications:
(1) supply endogenous digestive enzymes and vitamins, improve immunity, prevention of vitamin deficiencies, improve the feed conversion rate.
(2) to enhance resistance to all kinds of stress, resistance to high intensity of stress reaction, prevent due to climate change, immunization, group, transportation stress caused by the loss of appetite, stunned, the growth and development, etc. Prevention of rickets, fatty liver disease, the onset of peck anus, pecked feather, etc.
(3) regulating intestinal flora, increase appetite, gastrointestinal nerve excited is the first selection of livestock and poultry during and after illness onset rehabilitation products.
(4) to improve livestock and poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, weight gain, increased cow milk yield, improve quality of breast milk.
(5) improve the laying rate, egg production peak, improve the quality of eggs, reduce soft shell eggs and deformity. 6. Improve the fertilization rate of livestock and poultry, reproduction rate, hatching rate and enhance the survival rate of the calves and the cub and uniformity. All landowners are rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of vitamins and carotene, B for poultry after champions league big red, Huang Run Mao Liang, toes, and eggs.

Package:1000g x 10bags/barrel
Payment Terms:T/T, WEST UNION, PAYPAL, L/C


■ Technical Data
The Usage&Dosag:
symptom Per kg of the water symptom Per kg of the water
Resistance to stress 4000kg immunity enhancement 5000kg
Improve the fertilization rate 3000kg Fatten growth promoting and raise the protein content 1500kg
convalescence 2000kg RedCockscomb,sallowpad,Bright feathers 3000kg
The sow nutrition health care 5000kg Improve the feed,Increasing Appetite 2000kg
Note: mixing materials can be used according to water quantity half (a bag, a perennial effective).


1)Other animal multi-vitamin content and additive amount

Product code V710 V720 V731 V741 V831
Apply to animals Cow Beef cattle Meat sheep Rabbit uses Arc raccoon
A(IU) Vitamin A 30000000 28000000 25000000 28000000 9000000
D3(IU) Vitamin D3 12000000 10000000 7500000 8000000 1800000
E(mg) Vitamin E 75000 100000 80000 50000 45000
K3(mg) Vitamin K3 - - - 10000 900
B1(mg) Vitamin B1 - - - 20000 5000
B2(mg) Vitamin B2 - - - 15000 9000
B6(mg) Vitamin B6 - - - - 6000
B12(mg) Vitamin B12 - - - 100 48
(mg) Niacinamide 125000 - - 100000 30000
(mg) Calcium pantothenate - - - 50000 18000
(mg) Folic acid - - - - 600
(mg) Biotin - - - - 300
C(mg) Vitamin C - - - - 300000
2)Additive amount 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300 1000-1500

1)Indication value are product add quantity for each kilogram 2)It should use judgment to enlarge the add quantity in puffed feed or the animal is in the morbidity and the stress situation.
storage: store in dry and dark place. package: 20kg/kraft paper bag (we could do 100g/bag,150g/bag,1kg/bag,20kg/bag,25kg/bag) 371 5517 0327
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