poultry slat floor system

  • Size: 1200*500*40mm
  • Weight: 2.1KG
  • Material: PP
  • Beam material: PVC or FRP
  • Base: Adjustable and common
  • Supporting tube: common and thickness

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  • poultry slat floor system
  • poultry slat floor system
  • poultry slat floor system
  • poultry slat floor system
  • poultry slat floor system
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■ Specifications
 ♦This slat floor system is suitable for the poultry farm,with the slat floor,PVC beam,supporting tube and asjustable tube,it can be interlock by rabbet, which realizes  Its convenient to install and easy to clean.

►Feature of the slat floor:
1.Pure raw materials(engineering plastics ) an injection molding.fall into two kinds
brood floor and into poultry floor
2.Corrision resistance,anti-aging, In the original package materials for added anti-oxidants, inhibitor, anti-ultraviolet radiation agent.
3. .Easy installation ,disinfection and cleaning. Even if use high levels of acidic or alkaline disinfectant, also won't be corrosion.
4. life span 8--10 years.
5.The floor joist is Enhanced model steel extrusion, Divided into a clear dung's beam and Qing qing's dung machine dung beam
6. One-time clear when installation height of dung can adjust at will
7. Use clear dung machine poultry house qing dung, best control channels within 2 meters.
8.Applicable to chickens,ducks,greese and Fattening chickens,ducks,greese and breeder birds.
9. Can be recycled and used again, after washing extract add part raw materials and chemical products modification, the injection molding the floor again after six years or so, still can use.
■ Technical Data

Parameter of the poultry slat floor:


Size Weight Material
1200*500*390mm 2.1KG PP
1200*500*390mm 2.4KG PP
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