Stainless steel cattle semen gun

  • Type:: disposable ai gun
  • Properties:: Diagnosis & Injection
  • Material:: Stainless steel
  • Color:: Shinning silver

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■ Specifications

Type:  Veterinary instrument

Material: 304 stainless steel 

Length: 45 cm 

Capacity : 0.25ml

Use match with artificial insemination sheath 

Semen Gun For Cattle Artificial Insemination Feature:
Goat artificial insemination gun is made by high quality stainless steel. It can be used in straw semen AI and there are three specifications of 0.25ml, 0.5ml and universal. Its special is to lock sheath by a wire lock and easy to lock and unlock sheath.

Semen Gun For Cattle Artificial Insemination Use:
This inseminator is designed for straw semen insemination for cow as a better replacement as Cassou gun. There are two norms, 0.25ml and universal, for the gun .It is made by stainless steel and with a wire lock on it. This half ring wire lock make it rather easy to put a sheath on the gun. After put a sheath through the lock, push the fixing ring up, the sheath will be fixed. When insemination is done, put back the fixing ring and take the sheath off.

  Semen Gun For Cattle Artificial Insemination Advantage:
Smart design and easy to use. Its cone shape head may will insert into the plug of the sheath to avoiding the turning back of sheath head. It has provided more than 30% of marketing products in China.


■ Technical Data
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