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Fecal leakage characteristics of fiberglass flooring


1, corrosion resistance, never rust, long life cycle, maintenance-free. FRP molded grating acid, alkali, salts and many organic solvents and gas, corrosive liquid medium in the field of preservation has incomparable superiority. It is different from traditional metal grille, which does not happen in the role of chemical mediators electrochemical corrosion and rust, making the structure of the material will not be damaged, does not require regular or irregular inspection, maintenance, it also Unlike wood and other materials will rot, mildew and other phenomena, is the traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials, upgrading of products. According to the requirements of the actual use of the occasion, you can choose to use economic phthalic type phenylene type, such as a vinyl-type resin matrix material. Life assurance products in more than 20 years.

2, high-strength lightweight for easy cutting installation. FRP molded grating is by resin and glass fiber composite made, the smaller the density, compared with steel grating, fiberglass grating density is only a quarter of steel, aluminum, two-thirds, while the strength of the hard PVC is 10 times more than the absolute strength aluminum, reach the level of ordinary steel. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the basic support, reducing the material cost of the project. Its cut is easy to install, no flare and large lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, making the installation costs are greatly reduced.

3, flame retardant, insulation, absolutely burning, non-magnetic. FRP molded grating is generally oxygen index (according to GB 8924 test) at 32 or more, the flame propagation rate (according to ASTME-84 tests) for the flame level; flame retardant vinyl high propagation rate reaches 10 or less and grill obtain American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approval. FRP molded grating has excellent electrical insulation properties, 10KV voltage without breakdown and flashover, use a conductive hazardous work platforms, flooring, fencing and other areas around the conductive region and reduce the switching equipment due to electric shock while staff hazards arising; has no electromagnetic resistance, can be used on sensitive magnetic equipment; no spark, the use of glass and steel grille to avoid flammable and explosive due to fall on the metal grill tools may produce sparks and cause an explosion the risk of fire. The company specially designed formula to meet the requirements of fire safety engineering, in order to ensure safety.

4, impact deformation is not easy to reduce fatigue. FRP molded grating has a high impact strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation, while the metal grille by shock, retain permanent deformation, need repair. FRP grating has moderate elasticity that enables personnel to work in the above long-term comfort, reducing the staff of the legs and the back of urgency, reduce accidents, help to improve production efficiency.

5, can be designed highly flexible dimensions, size and stability of our company can produce customized FRP grating product specifications according to customer requirements, such as the cells of different sizes, different dimensions, different load requirements. Greatest extent possible to meet customer requirements, and can minimize the loss caused by the cutting, thus cost savings to customers.

6, non-slip elastic enhanced comfort with a slight increase work efficiency.

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