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The application and protection of incubation equipment


Incubation equipment is one of the important equipment in the modern chicken farming equipment, incubation equipment package includes incubator, hatching machines and other supporting devices.
Many types of hatching machines, although the degree of initiative and capacity sizes vary, but the basic principle of similar structure, it is important from the body, active temperature control device, the initiative to control humidity devices, active devices and turn the eggs of several parts ventilate ventilation device components. Currently Box Incubators (also known as electric incubator) use more of this type of incubator their capacity can be divided into large, medium and small three kinds of specifications, its capacity to distinguish 50,000 to 100,000 or larger, 10000 - 50000, 10000 or less, in the small and medium sized incubator, the incubation and hatching of two parts are installed on the same machine body.

1 requirements for incubator
(1) active temperature control, temperature control accuracy even general request to ± 0.2oC, the points difference between the internal temperature of not more than 0.4 ℃.
(2) to take the air fair, timely and ventilation hatch during the detachment should Peidan 0.002 ~ 0.010m3 / h of ventilation volume, the amount should ventilate 0.004 ~ 0.015m3 / h during hatching, so the machine air novel, CO2 content does not exceed 0.5%.
(3) regularly turn the eggs, the angle should be enough, action should be stable, generally 1.0 ~ 2.5h turn the eggs every time, turn the eggs angle of ± 45o, when turned to maximum angle egg dish, egg and egg dish can not fall .
(4) Active humidity control, humidity appropriate. Request incubation period is generally a relative humidity of 53% to 57% during the hatching of 65% to 70%, the error does not exceed 3%.
2 application and protection of incubator
(1) hatching machine should be installed on a concrete floor, the ground should remain flat, hatching machine installation should be slightly forward (some models back) tilted to discharge sewage at the time of cleaning machines to stay in front of 2 ~ 3m gripping space.
(2) the temperature should be maintained at the hatchery 20 ~ 27 ℃, the temperature is above 27 ℃ or below 20 ℃, should consider the installation of air-conditioning equipment or other measures. Humidity should be maintained at about 50%. Use exhaust ventilation pipes have good indoor ventilation conditions, hatching machine (especially young machine) lead discharged to the outdoors. Hatchery should always cleaning, scouring, painting and disinfection.
(3) the machine is installed to power test machine, check the temperature and humidity control system is normal, and the temperature at the request of a good tune. Also check over-temperature, low temperature alarm system for faults, active timed egg turning system is normal, etc., to be run for 1 to 2 days, after everything is normal before formally into the hatch.
(4) the application at any time to observe carefully the instigation door thermometer temperature, if any irregularities should promptly check the temperature control system, eliminate the fault.
(5) With the increase of age should be properly turned embryo intake and exhaust ports, the latter should be fully open, in order to ensure the normal development of the embryo requires oxygen, but not to open too early, warmed slowly to avoid wasting electricity.
(6) to pay attention to whether the request to turn the eggs angle, timing is accurate, it is best to make all the eggs hatching machine turned in the same direction, in order to govern. Every time we make a record turn the eggs.
Not without water (7) to pay attention to control the wet tank device (disk), the feel of gauze element should regularly change the water box with water, to wash the gauze after being reloaded after dirt contamination. For non-active control humidity incubator device, timed to the water pan to heat water and different incubation period at the request of the humidity, the number of transfers water dish to ensure that the embryonic development of the humidity of the request.
(8) Each hatch batch after batch or hatching to hatching or hatching machine thoroughly washed and disinfected once. Then check for loose mechanical parts, cards touch phenomenon, check reducer oil situation and remove dust on electrical equipment, hair and other dirt. Powered commissioning period of time, temperature and humidity adjusted backward hatch next batch. 

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