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The note item of hatching machine


1, should re-read the instructions before use.
2, check the fan is turned on, the basin is add water.
3, stop turning the eggs, egg turning motor check, turn the eggs of program-controlled switches, is available.
4, the heater and joints should be strong, to prevent burns managers.
5, the use of home fire temperature, water dish should be placed across the stratosphere above, if dissatisfied with egg tray egg rack, near the water dish as far as possible and hold.
6, Note: humidity probe when not taken out from the incubator room is best to keep dry to prevent dew hanging prohibited mouth drink gas experiments probe, the probe can be used hand, the use of the hand to grasp the evaporation of moisture observations show elevated.
Mini hatching machine FT-UFC1A technical indicators and feature a variety of hatching eggs, eggs, OVA, stable, no noise, using the rice cooker structure, insulation, long holding time, low power consumption, but also can hatch out young, is the source of breeding small birds hatched. Hatching machine for small, research, experiments, learning, teaching, medical, toys, household hatching machines , small temperature controllers. Automatic temperature control (high-precision digital intelligent microcomputer temperature control panel, display range 00.00-99.99, temperature range 36.00-39.9 (variable temperature control range as 25.00-35.00) temperature control plate image. Infrared heating 80W, the average power of 20W, high low temperature alarm. pot plus 500 grams of warm water (25-35 degrees), natural evaporation, humidity maintained between 60-70RH%. manually turn the eggs (for hatching reptile OVA). hatched with a round plastic tray, superstructure door. temperature can be set 25.00-39.99 main components have box (cooker pot), temperature control panels, transformers, relays, electric drive, alarm, power lines, plug 220V to work. this series of advantages: high precision temperature control, hatching rate, power heated water can be inexpensive.
FT-UFC1A hatched Technical instructions (technical parameters)
Power supply: 220V household electric
Apparent total power: 80W 20W average
Temperature range :30.00-39 .00 ℃ (adjustable arbitrarily set)
Temperature display range :00.00-99 .99 ℃
Display Resolution: 0.01 ℃


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