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Hot season animal husbandry management points


For the current hot weather, livestock and poultry farms (households) to actively take effective measures to prevent heatstroke, strengthen management, to prevent the occurrence of the disease, for which the following measures should be taken in a timely manner:

First, An increase ventilation of livestock pens, pens maximize ventilation, including natural ventilation sheds built structure, conditional to install air conditioning cooling water, or a fan, exhaust fan for ventilation and other measures cool. At the same time to reduce the heat radiation and heat reflecting suffered livestock pens, pens at the top or around the net to be covered with shade materials with good insulation properties, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Second, the use of evaporative cooling, roof water in pens or spray fine droplets in the pens, sheds can be rinsed with water when the temperature is high noon, in order to effectively reduce the discounted temperatures.

Third, try to reduce the stocking density. Stocking density is too large, it will cause congestion, heap pressure, accumulated stuffy ring, resulting in normal growth and development of livestock and poultry can not, therefore, to timely slaughter or adjust circling, according to animal growth stage and environmental conditions appropriate to reduce stocking density circle, reducing the animal's own heat production, thereby reducing Sherwin, reduce heat stress.

Fourth, change rearing methods. Feeding a day early to do breakfast Hey, dinner late Hey, the supply of fresh feed, reducing the fine material, and some green material to feed rich in vitamin C, green succulent feed.

Five, timely given enough water. Livestock drinking water in the hot season is four times the winter intake is about 2-3 times. Therefore, we must ensure that livestock promptly clean Gan cool drink cold water, and add the water electrolysis multidimensional often alleviate heat stress.

Six, reducing the variety of stress factors, try to avoid transfer group, transportation, vaccination and other human factors. Must be carried out, should be chosen or the weather is cool in the morning and evening time. While 0.2% sodium bicarbonate in the feed or electrolytic cube, can effectively prevent the stress response.

Seven regularly disinfected. The manure containing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other harmful gases and substances, hotter weather, the greater the smell comes out, the impact on livestock is also large. Therefore, every morning and evening to conduct a thorough cleaning manure, timely pens disinfected, usually two or more times a week disinfection, and attention to the selection and efficient, no stimulation, little odor, less corrosive disinfectants to ensure indoor air fresh.

Eight, attention mosquitoes disinfection. Add in animal feed maggot net and other drugs to kill fly larvae in manure, pens walls, farm yard manure and sewage tank by trichlorfon insecticide spraying, eradication of mosquitoes breeding.

Nine, strengthen immunization. Right to add, Bulan, leak-free, in a non-immune protection of livestock, according to the immunization program, immediately highly pathogenic avian influenza, foot and mouth disease cattle, swine fever, blue ear pig disease, swine pseudorabies, swine streptococcus immune disease vaccine.

Ten, strengthen harmless treatment of dead animals. To strictly implement the dead animals are not allowed to slaughter, are not allowed to eat, are not allowed to sell, are not allowed to transport, must be "allowed one of four treatment" requirement harmless treatment, isolation and treatment of suspected infectious diseases of livestock, breeding measures to prevent the spread of major animal diseases and epidemic.

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