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Livestock fan operation precautions


 1 Listen to the voice

When an abnormal sound animal husbandry fan operation, difficult to quickly and accurately determine its cause, subject to the full transfer rate. Common from just under: intake manifold suction solid impurities; stator livestock and turn on the fan friction; bearing abnormal. At this point tend to produce abnormal sound when accompanied by vibration. Meanwhile, the prime mover

2 Check the vibration

The case with abnormal sound reason livestock produce severe vibration fan also difficult to visually judge must also pay close attention to and fully checked. Many types of vibration: Tian surge as a result of the mechanical vibration of the fluid; livestock fan and vibration are not looking for a prime mover produced; livestock turbine installation unreasonable, bearing unusual circumstances; g1 round cut ring by the long-running balance caused by vibration intensifies; turn in contact with the gap between the stator face little or other mechanical vibration caused. Bearing parts of the state's determination struck see JB / T 8689-1 Yao "through livestock fan vibration detection and limits."

3 bearing checking

Measuring bearing temperature bearing for understanding the work is very important, not the general provisions of the uranium bearing temperature rise above ambient temperature milk house in Canton. In addition, it should be noted and the amount of oil pollution situation, whether mud poise, not to oil temperature and oil pressure and other occasions. For livestock use water cooling fan, cooling water should also note that the amount of water, temperature and so on. For the use of the oil ring oil-lubricated bearings livestock fans, but also to confirm whether the oil ring working properly.

4 Check the seal part 

Should always check the status of smoke leaking seal section, gap or contact situations between the stationary portion and the shaft, is there - abnormal, resulting in abnormal noise and so on.

5 Checking the other parts

Note outlet pressure, inlet pressure, abnormal movements. Timely detection of abnormal conditions, wind, current, etc. Well if there is to do at the end of the anti-natural.


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