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Point scale farms should be noted


The past two years, the state of the aquaculture industry to give a lot of money invested, so that livestock production has been rapid development, but there are also some farms not only failed to obtain economic benefits, but a loss. In order to increase the size of farm breeding efficiency, and promote sound and rapid development of animal husbandry, the author recommends the following measures should be taken:
Must be suitable for the growth of the different stages of pig pens good, cool and ensure proper temperature and humidity. Temperature around 25 ℃ and keep dry pens appropriate, when the temperature rose discounted 35 ℃, pigs decreased appetite, growth will also be affected, or even heat stroke mortality.
Have a professional animal husbandry and veterinary technicians breeding management and guidance. Improve pig health care healthy growth, and require a college or professional and technical personnel, so as to ensure that the production process of the service in place.
Have a good variety and implement farrow mode. Pig breeding quality merchandise, good variety is the key, the general breeding two, crossbred pigs, and the implementation of farrow, so you can prevent disease invasion.
To focus on prevention work, this is the most important part. The venue of the technical staff to develop immunization program, except in accordance with the requirements of the region vaccinated, it can also add other types of vaccines, but they must be vaccinated on time, the venue of the child should be vaccinated pigs in advance.
Note that the safety of the feed. Pig different growth stages for different nutritional needs, pay attention to adjust, keeping in mind the safety of animal feed, to use regular factory has a legitimate trademark quality feed, you can not add illicit drugs to affect human and animal health,
Note that stocking density. Usually 3 months to 4 months of age need sheds 0.6 m2 per pig ~ 1 m2, each circle to 8 ~ 12 is appropriate.
Deworming and disinfected regularly. Pigs have on small regular deworming to avoid too much influence parasite growth, while the pig bed and appliances should be regularly sterilized.
To avoid accidental stimulation, reduce stress and injuries.
To timely slaughter. Some farmers prefer to feed pigs, which is uneconomical because of pigs to 100 kg after growth is slow, but also a lot of feed needed, so worthwhile.

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