Ultrasound machine portable scanner for animas

  • Product name: veterinary super-B equipment
  • Screen size: 5.6 TFT-LCD
  • Battery capacity: 2200mAh
  • Adapter power: 45w

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■ Specifications
Veterinary B-ultrasonic automatic removal of murmur function, early pregnancy, estimated fetal number; uterine disease diagnosis; fetal development; postpartum uterine repair status; fetal size determination.

Usage Method:
1. Inspection of pigs: The sows are free to stand or lie on their side in the restricted feeding column and probe on the abdominal wall of the nipple. Simply probe the probe with a couplant and then attach it to the lower abdomen wall. There is no damage and stimulation during the exploration, and it has the characteristics of short exploration time. The image is intuitive, and you can confirm positive pregnancy when you see the dark area of the gestational sac or the fetal bones.
2. Examination of other animals: The surface projection part of the examined organ can be simply detached and coated with a coupling agent, and a plurality of sectional images of the examined organ can be obtained by rotating the probe.
■ Technical Data

Product name

veterinary super-B equipmen

Screen size


Battery capacity


Adapter power


Electron focusing

Four focus arbitrary combination

Pseudo color display

Grey, red, yellow, blue

Standard probe

5.0MHz Fan sweep, body surface, waterproof, probe

Display function

Image real time / freeze / zoom / left and right reverse / store / call out

Host power consumption

Non rechargeable working condition 12W/Charging work situation 25W

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