Layer Chicken Battery Cages For Sale

  • Price:: US $40 - 150 / Set
  • Material:: Q235 steel wire
  • Surface Treatment:: Galvanized+Plastic spraying
  • size(L*W*H/unit):: 1950*350*380mm
  • Tier:: 3/4/5 tiers by clients' option
  • Cells/unit: : 5(390mm/cell*5cells)

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■ Specifications


NOTE:1.Our cages suitable for chicken farm that breeding number more than 1000;

           2.We can provide our customer chicken farm design and equipment installation guide for free;

           3.We can give breeding technology support and feed supply to our customer.




►Introduction of chicken wire cages:
We are chicken cages manufacturer of China,we produce all kinds of cages,including:H type layer chicken cage,A type layer chicken cage,plastic coated chicken cage, baby chicken cages,broiler cages,chicken transport cage.Our layer chicken cages are exported all over the world,Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Guinea, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana and other countries have our loyal customers.

Features of chicken battery cages:
1.Cages for chickens adopt cold/hot dip galvanized and plastic spraying these three technical skills. Hot dip galvanzied and Plastic spraying chicken cage for sale have a strong resistance to corrosion and drug disinfect, never goes rusting. Its service life is 4-6 years longer than cold galvanized chicken cage. So it can reduce the cage repeat purchase and the waste of human and financial resources.


The picture of H type layer chicken cage:

2.Our cage for chickens are made of Q235 wire. The frame are solid, and are able to withstand at least 60kg weight;

The picture of A type layer cages for sale:

3.The mesh of plastic spraying battery cage for chicken is smooth, which can prevent the chicken foot from injury and infection effectively. Netting and bottom net are very dense, which can prevent the chicken hurting each other; 

The picture of plastic coated chicken cage:

4.High-density multi-tier chicken cage can reduce the use of land. It is also helpful to prevent epidemic prevention and reduce poultry disease incidence;

Baby chicken cages:

5.Use the battery chicken cages eggs are clean and won’t be broken easily.

Workshop of cage for chickens:

■ Technical Data
►Parameter of A type layer chicken cages:

length(cm) width(cm height(cm) type Container No.
188 56 37*32 Three layer four door 96 birds
215 56 37*32 Three layer five door 120 birds
200 63 45*40 Three layer four door 120 birds
Categories Specification
egg chicken cage 1.88M*56CM*38CM*32CM three layer 96 piece
Rearing cage 1.88MM*60CM*30CM 1.88M*35CM*28CM
Broiler cage 2M*60CM*35CM 1.5M*70CM*35CM
Special product are available according to customer requirements.

►Parameter of H type layer cages for sale:

Type Tier & door Cage size mm Weight Capacity Cell size mm
H type 3 tier 4 door 1950x500x430 54kg/set 144chickens 6chickens/cell 487.5*500*430
4 tier 4 door 1950x500x430 72kg/set 192chickens 6chickens/cell 487.5*500*430
3tier 5 door 1950x500x430 54kg/set 120chickens 4chickens/cell 390*500*430
4tier 5 door 1950x500x430 72kg/set 160chickens 4chickens/cell 390*500*430
Surface treatment Service life
1. Cold galvanized chicken cage 5-year to 8-year
2. Hot galvanized chicken cage 20-year to 30-year
3. Green PVC coated chicken cage 10-year to 20-year
Tiers 2,3,4,5,6,etc. customizable
Cage frame U-shaped steel bar Warranty 15-20 years
Systems for Chicken farm
Drinking system Automatic: Nipple drinker, water pipe, water tank, reducing valve
Feeding system Automatic: Feeding trough, automatic feeding machine
Egg collecting system Automatic: Out egg handing platform, egg belt scientific design, low egg breakage rate
Manure removal system Automatic: Removal panel ,removal machine, controller, rope, high cleanliness
Environment control system Automatic: exhaust fan; cooling pad; environment controller; hygrometers and others
Application Chicken layer cage; broiler cage; poultry cage
Service Pre-sale and after-sale service & Installation service 371 5517 0327
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