Crawler manure removal machine

  • Material: : Steel Plate
  • Manure system: : Fully automatic
  • Fuel: : Electric
  • Usage: : Sterilizing / Disinfecting Crawler Conservancy manure removal machine

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■ Specifications
A brief description
Manure Removal machine mainly for chicken stepwise caged chicken breeding high bed type and design of the longitudinal nightsoil system, each for 2-4 column chicken cages or poultry dung gully bed type, high scraping manure plate width according to customer design the dung of the groove size.
Scope: removing manure from poultry
Components : driving system , scraper , angle pulley , stroke limitation , panel control box.

Structure features
1, the body structure design is reasonable, the use of safe, easy installation, convenient operation;
2, smooth operation, low noise, waste not easy spillover residue;
3, traction rope for fiber braided rope, double drive transmission, not easy to run empty;
4, nightsoil board for hot galvanized sheet, can automatically collect, friction small, nightsoil clean;
5, a host can run 1-4 nightsoil plate, scraping manure longest trip of 120 meters, nightsoil board can be customized according to the stool groove width.

Performance features
Mixer adopts the most advanced national standard cycloidal reducer, to ensure the rationality of the output ratio.
Mixer motor and reducer direct type is small in size, easy to operate.
Special thickening scraper ensures nightsoil mixer machine long service life.
Scraper produced by high precision nc machine tools shape, never deformation.
Special drive chain super wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Operational application
Operators should understand this mechanism, performance, as well as the control of the travel switch, check the use of the control system and security system reliability
Should nightsoil at least twice a day
Reducer is generally a lubricating oil every six months
Often clear the residual chicken manure on the scraping the dung plate, in order to prolong the service life of machine

Automatic Chicken Manure Removal System
1.with this kind of systematic help, after the dry excrement does the material content to be possible to enhance to 90%, therefore has created the ideal condition for the excrement safe memory or the later sale, some 4 -14, because its width is 1.75 m, so it has the large capacity characteristic.

2. According to the independent user's request, each excrement conveyer belt dry channel may carry on the design with hen's quantity necessary, thus produces with it excrement quantity matches.  A conveyer belt dry channel may process reaches 200,000 chicken's excrement.

3. When starts except the excrement procedure, the fresh excrement transports through the conveyer belt from the chicken coop to the belt dry channel.

4. Once the excrement falls into the belt dry channel, the excrement will be transported directly to the measurement station.
5. The electronic load sensor measures by the weight to adopt the belt ten dry channel's excrement quantities, thus in the coordinated chicken coop eliminates the excrement conveyer belt and the dry conveyer belt's speed.
6. Through two hand of rotation opposite worm bearing adjuster excrement even horizontal shop on most above dry conveyer belt. When the excrement arrived at the uppermost layer excrement conveyer belt's terminal, the excrement falls automatically to the next conveyer belt on, continues to transmit, until completes the entire channel's packing. Each has provided the emergency stop, guarantees breaks down when not serious damage. 
7. This equipment  may realize the non-hominization management, the automatic fixed time clear excrement, the time willfully establishes; the  manual temporary clear excrement, the simplicity of operator is quick, automatic manual transforms willfully; 
8. Blows the excrement board design, the scraper takes in and puts away automatically, board position adjustable, the friction is small, the clear excrement is clean;
380V three-phase power source dynamic output .

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