goat milking machines

  • Capacity:: 11-13 cow per hour
  • Pulse number:: 60-64 times/min
  • Working vacuity:: 50000 mpa
  • Pulsatory ratio:: 55:45
  • Color:: Blue and silver
  • Bucket:: single bucket

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■ Specifications
Simple structure, convenient operation, stable pressure, equipped with pulsating milking device, helps to increase milk production. This kind of milking machine noise is small, easy to operate, milking efficiency, work smoothly.

1.Reducing the labor intensity, Increasing productivity.

The machinery milking will reduce abut 75% labor capacity than milking by hand.

2.Good for animal: low noise, no effect to the milking environment, none hurt to nipples of animals, reduce nipple disease, raising the milk production.

3.Larger capacity:  milking time is 3-5minutes per animal.

Single barrel milking machine can milk one animal one time, capacity is 10-12 cows/h.

Double barrel milking machine can milk 2 animals at the same time, capacity is 20-24 cow/h.

4.Economic and Practical investment: The milking barrel and tray is made of stainless steel, and the milking barrel volume is 25L or 50L or other specifications.
5.Fixed milking time: Twice one day or three times one day.

If milking twice one day, the best milking interval time is 12 hours; If three times one day, the best milking interval time is 8 hours.


■ Technical Data

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