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Tips for Feeding and Management of Fattening Beef Cattle


According to the characteristics of fattening beef cattle, if the beef cattle can adhere to the principles of "five determinations", "five observations" and "five cleanliness" during fattening, they can achieve good fattening effects.
1. "Five Sets"
(1) Timing. Feed once a day at 7-9 am and 5-7 pm every day, with an interval of 8 hours. Drink water 3 times in the morning, noon and afternoon.
(2) Quantitative. The daily feeding amount, especially the amount of concentrate, is 1 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg of body weight, and cannot be increased or decreased at will.
(3) Appointment. Daily management such as feeding of each cow should be fixed by a special person, so as to keep abreast of the feeding situation and health of each cow, and avoid stress.
(4) Wipe regularly. Brush the cow's body once a day in the morning and afternoon to promote blood circulation, increase appetite, keep the cow docile and easy to manage.
(5) Weigh regularly. In order to keep abreast of fattening effects and feed consumption, regular weighing is necessary. First, the cattle should be weighed when entering the field, and grouped according to their weight to facilitate feeding and management. 2. "Five Look"
Refers to look at food intake, look at drinking water, look at excrement and urine, look at rumination, look at whether the spirit is normal.
3. "Five Cleansing"
(1) Forage net. Forage grass and feed do not contain foreign objects such as sand, soil, iron nails, iron wires, plastic sheets, etc., no mold or deterioration, and no pollution of toxic and harmful substances.
(2) The feeding trough is clean. After the cattle are placed in the trough, the feeding trough should be cleaned in time to prevent the forage residue from becoming moldy and deteriorating in the trough.
(3) Clean drinking water. Pay attention to drinking water hygiene and avoid contamination of drinking water by toxic and harmful substances.
(4) The cow body is clean. Regularly brush the cattle body to keep the body surface hygienic and prevent the occurrence of external parasites.
(5) The enclosure is clean. The sheds should be cleaned and dung frequently, the cow beds should be dry, and the air in the shed should be kept clean, warm in winter and cool in summer.

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