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8 tips for feeding cattle


As the saying goes: "A single inch of grass cuts three times, and there is no material to increase fat." Feeding the forage grass to the cattle after a short cut can save about 20% compared to the whole feeding, especially when the whole feeding is less or difficult. If the coarse and hard stalks are fed shortly, they can be fully utilized and the digestibility is high. Generally, the stalks should be stalked into 3 to 5 cm to feed cattle.

If the coarse grass and finely fed crop stalks can be salinized, alkalized, ammoniated, or crushed and mixed with concentrate to feed cattle, the utilization rate of forage grass can be increased, palatability can be increased, and forage grass can be saved.
Feeding less frequently, feeding at one time, cattle tend to develop picky and palatable fodder, which will waste forage. Feeding less frequently can save forage.
Feeding in the trough should change the bad habit of throwing the forage directly in the cowshed and feeding the forage in the trough. In this way, the forage grass will not be contaminated by feces, the cattle will be hygienic after eating, avoid disease, and save a lot of forage grass.
The coarse fodder should be fed first when the coarse fodder is first coarse and then refined. At this time, the cows are hungry and do not choose their food. Then feed concentrates or fine forages according to their nutritional needs to give full play to the characteristics of ruminant cattle's use of roughage and save forages.
Transforming the trough The shallow cattle tend to get the forage outside and cause waste when eating grass. Therefore, when making the trough, the trough should be made deeper. Generally, the depth of the trough is about 40 cm.
Leftover grass processing farmers used to burn the rough and hard stalks left over by cattle as fuel. They can be dried and collected, crushed into grass powder with a grinder, and then fed for effective use.
To save bedding, keep the pens hygienic and clean, and try to use waste weeds as bedding for cattle to reduce forage waste.

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