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Several issues that need attention when feeding cattle with grass


Green forage is not only green in color, tender and juicy, easy to digest, but also rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is an ideal high-quality feed for fattening beef and farm cattle. Although green feed is good, if it is not used properly for raising cattle, the following problems will also occur.
One must pay attention to the feed can not be single.
Green feed is an indispensable high-quality feed for fattening beef cattle, but it contains too much water and less dry matter. If only the green feed is used to feed beef cattle, especially the beef cattle in the late fattening period, although the cattle are full, the dry matter energy absorbed by the body cannot meet the needs of growing meat and depositing fat. Therefore, when using green feed to fatten beef cattle, it is necessary to supplement and mix appropriate amount of dry grass, grain feed (corn, sorghum, etc.) and protein feed (bean cake, peanut cake, etc.), so that the fattening effect can be more significant.
Second, pay attention to nitrite and hydrocyanic acid poisoning.
When feeding beef cattle and farm cattle with green juicy feed, it is not advisable to use vegetable leaf feeds that have been accumulated for too long (such as radish leaves, cabbage leaves, etc.), because they contain nitrates, and spoilage bacteria can reduce nitrates to nitrites , Cattle will be poisoned after eating. Also, do not feed corn seedlings, sorghum seedlings, and flax leaves, because they contain cyanogenic glycosides. After the cattle eat them, hydrocyanic acid will be generated in the rumen and cause poisoning.
Third, pay attention not to feed too much young legume pasture.
Because the legume forage has good protein quality, rich in vitamins and trace elements, it has good palatability, especially in the young stage, it contains saponin, the cow eats too much, and produces a lot of foam in the rumen, which is easy to cause rumen bloating in the cow. .

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