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How to ensure the milk production of cows in cold weather


Raising the nutritional standard can increase the supply of mixed concentrate by 15% to compensate for the increased nutrients that cows need to maintain, so that milk production can be maintained or increased.
Cows who drink enough warm water need to drink about 5 kg of water for every 1 kg of dry feed consumed, and the number of drinking water in winter should not be less than in summer. In addition to drinking once a day in the morning, noon, and evening, it is best to drink once at night. The water temperature is required to be above 5°C.
Ensuring the supply of salt to cows The amount of salt supplied to cows in winter should be determined by their weight and milk production, generally 30 to 50 grams per head per day. In addition to mixing feed (supplied at 0.5% of the ration), a salt trough can also be set up for cattle to lick, but it should be controlled.
In order to reduce the loss of body heat of cows in winter, use warm houses in winter. The doors and windows of the cow houses should be hung with grass curtains or plastic films. The cow houses should be sunny, and the window glass should be clean and transparent for light and heat preservation. If conditions permit, artificial heating can also be implemented to ensure that the temperature of the cowshed reaches above 13°C.
Paving grass frequently In winter, paving grass on the floor of the cow house can reduce the loss of body heat of the cows and prevent the adverse stimulus effects of frostbite and cold stress of the cows. Especially on the concrete floor, hay must be laid in winter.
Intensified exercise In winter, there is plenty of sunshine during the day, and the cows can be driven to the outdoor playground around the warm noon to let the cows bask in the sun and move freely to enhance their physique.
Brushing the cow body regularly Brushing the cow body regularly every day can not only keep the cow body clean and hygienic, but also promote the blood circulation of the cow, increase the amount of blood flowing through the udder, and benefit the health of the cow and increase milk production.

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