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What to do if the cow has no milk after giving birth?


Insufficient qi and blood in postpartum cows, resulting in little or no milk, collectively referred to as lack of milk, also known as no milk or no milk. Cows lack milk after giving birth, leading to slow growth of the calves, even nutritional deficiencies, exhaustion and death.

There are many reasons why cows do not have milk after giving birth. Inadequate feed nutrition is the main reason for milk shortage. For example, the appetite of cows in hot weather suddenly decreases, or because of the lack of grass fodder and high-quality hay in the late gestation period of winter and spring cows, the supply of concentrated feed is insufficient; or because of mammary gland hypoplasia, the cow's primiparous, old age, body failure and suffering Certain diseases affect the mammary glands; the weather is too hot or too cold; too much labor and metabolic disorders, etc., so try not to buy cows that are too old. The milk water of old mothers is generally not good.
In fact, it is a very simple matter for cows to milk, and experienced cattle farmers know it. Here are a few tips for milking cows:
1. Grind corn and soybeans 1:1 to make noodle soup.
Feed 3-4 catties at a time, twice a day, mixed with cow grass. Feed it for 10 days and a half month. The old farmer who raises cows here does this. In the process of communicating with him, he said: He has raised cows for decades, and cows have been raised in this way. There has never been a situation where cows do not get milk.
2. The method of milking cow soy
This is simple. The soybeans are boiled and fed to the cows. My family mainly uses this method. Soak the soybeans overnight, and feed them to the cows the next morning. Don't feed them too much. Feeding 3-4 catties is almost the same. It has the same effect, mainly to supplement protein for cattle.
3. Grind soy milk
I have drunk soy milk, mainly to add water and protein. There is no need to filter the bean dregs, just feed it directly, which is more troublesome. I used stone grinders in my house before. After all, I can’t use it several times a year, so I save to buy an electric tofu grinder.
4. Feed Chinese medicine to promote milk
Wang Buliu line 25 grams, 10 grams of pangolin, Tongcao, and Atractylodes macrocephala for beef cattle, 15 grams of Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Angelica, Radix Astragali, and Codonopsis pilosula each 15 grams, mixed in feed and fed to cows. It is a medicine that is three-point poison, but there are already many formulated milk-promoting drugs on the market, all of which are Chinese medicine ingredients and have no side effects. The price is not expensive. You can go to a nearby veterinary drug store for a few dollars. They are usually called Cikura Powder and Cikuma Ling.
5. Milk substitutes such as milk powder
This is a unavoidable situation. The cow really has no milk. You can always starve the calf to death! Spend a little cost, similar to milk powder, the temperature is well controlled, 37℃. Then fill it in a beer bottle and feed it 3 times a day. You know how to feed the cows, so I won’t go into details. If you don’t understand, you can ask in the group. If you think milk powder is expensive, you can go to Taobao to find milk powder that is about to expire, which is very cheap for a can of ten yuan.

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