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What should I pay attention to when raising newborn lambs?


1. No fright
Sheep creatures are not so courageous, especially lambs, which can be easily stimulated by many external conditions. At the initial stage, farmers can go in to observe the situation and they can stimulate lambs, so we must do it for lambs. Not frightened. The outside world should avoid loud noises and the like from reaching the sheep shed. Don’t make loud noises inside. The number of times the farmers enter and exit should be increased from small to large, so that the lambs can adapt. When raising, handle with care, do not touch the lambs at will, reduce the possibility of irritation from all aspects, so that the lambs will grow faster than stimulated.
2. No cooling
The temperature in the sheep barn is very important. Compared with the sheep, the resistance to low temperature is almost no. And after a lamb is born, don't cool down even if its body is dry. This is one of the easy mistakes that everyone makes. For lambs, they need a constant and stable temperature, because temperature fluctuations at this time will make them unsuitable, especially when farmers continue to slowly cool down, lambs are very sensitive to temperature , A few degrees lower can cause it to catch cold. In many cases, diarrhea and diarrhea that some farmers do not know how to occur are caused by this.
3. Supplement according to the situation
The breast milk of ewes varies according to their physical conditions. In addition, there may be two births, so there may be insufficient breast milk. Supplementation is a good remedy for this situation. This requires everyone to decide according to the actual situation. If the lamb eats a lot when feeding, it means that there is a shortage of breast milk, and it needs to supplement the nutrition that the lamb needs. If it does not eat or eats less, then it is necessary to find out whether the taste is wrong or the breast milk is sufficient. Do not continue to feed such lambs blindly, otherwise it will cause the lambs to be unable to digest.
4. Exercise regularly
Sheep are a kind of creatures that like to exercise. Lambs are generally more active, especially after they can walk. For lambs, regular exercise is more beneficial, which will enhance the lamb's physical health and promote its digestion to a certain extent. The new environment or wide field is the key to lamb sports, so everyone can let the lamb out appropriately, and it will slowly move around by itself when outdoors. Don't implement drive-out exercises, this will only intimidate the lambs and have a counterproductive effect.

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