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Things to pay attention to when cows calving


1. Feed brine bran soup in time. Cows are weak after childbirth, and the body's water, salt and sugar loss are large. In order to alleviate the weakness of cows after childbirth, and to add water, salt and sugar, it is conducive to milk production. Cows should be fed in time after delivery. Drink salt water bran soup, you can use 1500-2000 grams of bran, 50-100 grams of salt, 500-1000 grams of brown sugar, add an appropriate amount of warm water, mix thoroughly, and drink it to the cow. At the same time, feed the cows with high-quality hay and green juicy feed, remove the dirt in the cowshed in time, and replace it with clean and soft bedding, so that the cows can get adequate rest.

2. Remove the afterbirth in time. The afterbirth of a cow should be removed in time. In order to prevent the afterbirth of the cow, a part of the amniotic fluid can be reserved for the postpartum cow to drink, so as to facilitate the discharge of the postpartum. If the body stays in the body for more than 24 hours, surgical stripping should be carried out in time to avoid the staying of the placenta for too long and cause cow disease.
3. Make the lochia drained in time. It is normal for cows to excrete lochia after delivery. Generally, the lochia excreted on the first day after delivery takes a blood sample. After that, due to the purifying ability of the mother's uterus, it will gradually turn into a transparent mucus after 7-8 days. Lochia will appear after 15-18 days. Exclude it and return to normal. Under normal circumstances, it is generally unnecessary to take treatment measures. If the lochia from the mother steak is gray-brown with a foul smell, and the lochia is still not discharged after more than 20 days, it is necessary to perform a rectal examination or vagina Check, track down the cause, and flush the cow's uterus with anti-inflammatory liquid to eliminate lochia and promote the cow to return to normal.

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