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Ways to improve the reproductive rate of ewes


Increasing the reproductive rate of ewes is the key to the profitability of the farm. To improve the reproductive rate of ewes, we can start from the following aspects.

One is to choose multiple lambs for rams and ewes. Double lambs or multiple lambs are hereditary. When rams are selected for breeding, their parent rams are preferably selected from a reserve flock with more than one litter and double lamb . These rams and ewes with a good genetic basis are reserved for breeding, which can give full play to their genetic potential in breeding, and increase the chance of ewes having multiple lambs.
The second is that adequate nutrition enables the breeding sheep to have a healthy body condition and moderate body condition. The rams maintain a strong sexual desire, and the sperm in the semen during breeding has a large number of sperm, strong vitality, and high fertilization ability; strengthening the nutrition of the ewes is to improve the reproduction of the ewes Effective measure of the rate. The ewes are strong, the fetus is well developed, the postpartum milk is sufficient, and the lambs are born with a large body and have a high survival rate. Therefore, the better the ewe's condition and the heavier the lamb, the higher the rate of multiple lambs.
The third is to implement two breedings. When the ewe is in estrus, double breeding or two inseminations can improve the pregnancy rate and increase the probability of double lambs. The double breeding method can keep the ewe's reproductive tract always fertilized The presence of capable sperm increases the chance of fertilization. Commonly used method: for ewes that are confirmed to be in estrus, one insemination is performed after 12 and 24 hours, and the interval between two inseminations is generally 10 to 12 hours.
The fourth is to increase the proportion of young and middle-aged ewes in the flock. The fecundity of young ewes and old and weak ewes is not as good as that of mature-age ewes. The reproductive rate of ewes is the highest when they are 3 to 4 years old, and the reproductive life is generally 8 years. Therefore, in order to improve the overall level of the flock, rationally adjust the flock structure, and replenish young ewes in a planned manner, appropriately increase the proportion of 3 to 4 year old ewes in the flock, and promptly detect and eliminate old, weak, or low fertility Ewe.
Fifth, the lambs are weaned early in time, and shortening the breastfeeding time of the ewes can promote the early estrus of the ewes and achieve more than one year. Early weaning lambs need to artificially train the lamb’s feeding ability. When the lamb is 10-15 days old, feed some fresh grass, vegetable leaves or soft and digestible hay and leaves to stimulate the early formation of the digestive function of the lamb’s digestive tract and help the lamb. Transition in the direction of autonomous feeding.

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