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The relationship between abnormal chicken manure and common chicken diseases


White stool
When chicken manure is white and mushy, it may be caused by pullorum disease or fowl cholera. The peak incidence of pullorum disease is mostly 7 to 14 days old. The sick chicks are depressed, chills, trembling, loose hair, wings hanging, appetite and thirst decrease. The most typical symptom is pulling white paste like thick lime milky feces (white diarrhea), which solidifies into limestone when it is discharged, blocking the cold anus, and chickens often die due to systemic sepsis. Another possible disease of white loose stools is fowl cholera, which usually occurs in chickens. The pathogen is Pasteurella multocida, and sick chickens often have severe diarrhea and discharge gray-white feces.
Bloody stools
The most common cause of bloody stools in chickens is coccidiosis. Chickens around one month of age pull blood in the stool, usually caecal coccidiosis, this disease can cause a large number of chicken deaths, causing serious economic losses. Because the cecum is close to the cloaca, blood feces are mostly bright red. In addition, leucocytosis can also cause small and medium chickens to pull out yellow-green feces or bloody feces, but this disease has obvious seasonality and is related to the activities of the blood-sucking insect Cultus vulgaris. May to June is the peak period of incidence. Inorganic or organic poisoning can also cause intestinal bleeding and hemorrhage. The content of these poisons in the feed, as well as the content of serum calcium, phosphorus and bone fluoride, can be tested for diagnosis. At this time, the suspected poisonous feed must be replaced immediately, and targeted rescue measures must be taken according to the type and nature of the poison. Among the above-mentioned diseases, in addition to cecal coccidiosis, which often has fresh red blood in the stool, which is easy to identify, the blood stool caused by other diseases or causes is mostly dark red in appearance and has an occult blood-like appearance and must be carefully observed.
Green stool
The most common cause of green manure is Newcastle disease. Chicken flocks suffering from Newcastle disease usually pull the fishy green manure. Sick chickens often have mental depression, decreased appetite, dyspnea and other manifestations of neurological symptoms in the later stages, and egg loss in adult chickens. Fowl cholera may also cause sick chickens to pull yellow-green feces. In addition, if chickens eat too much grass meal feed, it will also make the feces green, but this type of feces is hard and dry and easy to separate from the green feces of sick chickens.
Watery stool
Under normal circumstances, the ratio of chicken food to drinking water is about 1:2, and it can reach 1:3 or even higher in summer. As we all know, in the case of summer heat stress, the chicken's feed intake decreases and the water intake increases. For example, in an environment above 25°C, for every 1°C increase in house temperature, feed intake will decrease by 1.6%, and water intake will increase by 11 ml per chicken per day. Chickens drink a lot of water, and the excess water excreted in the urine increases accordingly, making the feces thinner due to the higher water content. This is normal. In addition, if the salt content in the feed is too high, such as adding salted fish meal, or increasing the salt content in the feed when using a certain anticoccidial drug, the salt content cannot be reduced when changing to another anticoccidial drug. Turn down in time, etc. In these cases, the chickens will also cause watery feces due to excessive water intake. Acute infectious bursal disease occurs in chickens. When severe pullorum disease and colibacillosis occur, persistent diarrhea or watery feces may occur, and the feathers under the anus of the chickens are dirty, moist and stuck together.

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