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Why We needn’t feed the chick after they finish the first drinking


Nomatter they can drink or can’t drink,the chicks all can have the first time drinking,so they remove the risk of the dehydration,so next,need give them something to eat.but the expert said,don’t hurry to feed them something,after they finish the first time drinking,let the chicks exercise one or two hours,let the chick have a processing about the gastrointestinal tract,then give them something to eat,we call it “start feeding
So long time,if the chick will be hungry?
Maybe you don’t believe,when the chick come out the shell,they bring the feed by themselves.
Original,when the chicks break out the shell,in their intra abdominal has a not fully absorbed yolk,during the 72 hours from the hatch to break down the shell,this yolk can still offer nutrition,so they will not be hungry.


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