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Selection points of free-range chicken site


To build a chicken farm, we must first consider the issue of site selection, and the site selection must be based on the scale and nature of the chicken farm (raising commercial broilers, commercial laying hens, breeders, etc.). Whether the site selection is appropriate is related to Sanitation and anti-epidemic, chicken growth, and the work efficiency of breeders are related to the success or failure of chicken raising and the benefits.

Site selection should consider comprehensive factors, such as area, topography, soil, orientation, transportation, water source, power source, epidemic prevention conditions, natural disasters and economic environment, etc. The general site selection should follow the following principles.
(1) Conducive to epidemic prevention. It is not advisable to choose chicken breeding sites in densely populated residential areas or factory concentrated areas, places with frequent traffic, or near livestock and poultry trading sites; it is better to choose places that are more remote and accessible by vehicles. Such a place is not susceptible to epidemics and is conducive to epidemic prevention.
(2) The site should be in a tall, dry and well-drained place. If you are in a plain area, you should choose a place with high dryness and a slight slope to the south or southeast; if you are in a mountainous and hilly area, you should choose the south slope with a slope below 20 degrees. Such a place is convenient for drainage and sunlight, warm in winter and cool in summer. It is better to have fish ponds in the site to facilitate sewage discharge and waste utilization for comprehensive management.
(3) There must be shade in the venue. There should be green bamboos, green trees and grass in the venue to facilitate chicken activities.
(4) The site must have water and power sources. The chicken farm needs water and electricity, so it must have water and power. The best water source is tap water. If there is no tap water, it should be located in a place with abundant groundwater resources and suitable for well drilling, and the water quality must meet the sanitary requirements.
(5) It must be enclosed within the field. The site should be an independent closed system (enclosed with bamboo or brick walls) to prevent random entry by outsiders, and prevent random entry by outside livestock, poultry and wild animals.
Also: {1) Away from towns, main traffic lines, chemical plants, slaughter plants, meat plants, hospitals, and residential areas.
(2) Choose deep-mountain grassland, free of infectious diseases, good air, good geology, good water quality, many weeds and trees, no or few farmland, no or almost no agricultural fertilizers, and free-range living in loose areas.
(3) It is relatively flat and sunny, with water pristine and unobstructed water, which can be opened to traffic and electricity, and there are few wild animals that can harm chickens.
(4) The construction site of the brooding room: choose the high dry terrain, and the chicken coop that is far away from the sun and avoids water is in the limelight.
(5) The construction site of the chicken coop: The terrain is high and dry, and it is sheltered from the sun. There is a wider flat area around. And it's close to the middle of the chicken foraging playground. (Generally, about 500 animals are raised on 10-20 acres of ground, it is advisable to build a house as a breeding area)
(6) Feed room construction site: It should be at the entrance of the entire site, where the terrain is dry, ventilated, with unobstructed water flow and convenient transportation.
(7) The living area should be selected at the entrance, but it must be separated from the breeding area.

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