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4 Points Of Chicken Drinking Water


For chicken water supply, in summer people usually give enough attention, but in winter, the chicken water demand is relatively lower, people tend to ignore the drinking water of chicken.In fact, chicken winter also need water to maintain normal life activities and production of chickens lack water, light, loss of appetite, egg production decline, serious chicken will stop lay eggs, chicken body weight loss, finally died because of exhaustion.

Winter drinking water needs to pay attention to the following:
1.Water temperature can not too low
Chicken drink the water too cold can make the rate decline,feed consumption increase,Water temperature to 10 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ is appropriate;
2.The water of water tank should appropriate
The water in the tank can't too much,in order to avoid the chicken body touch water frostbite.
3.Clean drinking water guarantee
Chicken should to drink clean water.Sink should to often clean.
4.An adequate supply of drinking water
Chicken requirement on the water is generally twice on the feed.


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