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Chicken raising techniques: How to raise chickens in the windy spring season?


As the temperature rises, spring is also spreading joy. The biggest change is the spring breeze. At this time, the wind is the least "serious" and more "willful". The temperature fluctuates high and low. Speaking of The wind blows, which is not a good thing for raising chickens. When there is wind, the temperature will drop, when there is wind, the humidity will be lower, and when there is wind, the temperature difference will be larger, which makes chicken diseases more likely to occur. Therefore, chicken farmers must "adapt to the wind" in management.

1. In terms of management, measures must be taken according to the wind direction when there is strong wind. In northern my country, the southeast wind mainly blows in spring. The vents on the south side of the east-west chicken house are the windward openings, and the vents on the east side of the north-south chicken house are Windward opening, so when the wind blows, be sure to pay attention to the small ventilation window at the windward opening. A windshield should be installed outside the small window or the ventilation window should be closed appropriately.
2. Spring is windy and dry, and the wind is very powerful in dehumidifying. If the humidity of your chicken house has been controlled very well for chickens that are about 10 to 20 days old, the respiratory tract of the chickens may rise after a wind, because Due to strong winds, the humidity in the chicken house changes drastically. Therefore, when the wind blows, you must pay attention to controlling the humidity in the chicken house. Ground humidification is often used (ground humidification should not allow water to accumulate on the ground) or atomization humidification.
3. When there is strong wind in spring, the ventilation of the chicken house must also change accordingly. In terms of management, the ventilation volume of chickens before 28 days old must be reduced, but the shed must not be stuffy, especially for chickens raised in cages; chickens after 30 days old, It is best to change the time control to temperature control, and the set temperature should be about 0.5 degrees higher than the normal temperature, so as to ensure both temperature and ventilation. In actual production, farmers must flexibly control the situation according to the actual situation of their own chicken houses.
If the chicken house has stopped heating when the wind blows, you must consider whether to continue the heating at this time, because the possibility of wind and cooling in spring is relatively high. We must always be prepared. If the outside temperature drops below zero, we must Measures have been taken to continue heating.
4. Safety issues on windy days are also more important. Prevent strong winds from lifting windshield plastic films or blowing open small windows, and prevent fire and electricity safety when the wind blows. Tragic accidents occur every year. Listen to it when it happens in other people's homes. This is a "story", but if it happens in your own home, it is a real accident, so don't take it lightly.
5. In spring, pay attention to the weather forecast in advance and make a management plan for windy weather. Lines are prone to problems in windy weather, and the probability of power outage is still very high, so the generator must be well prepared so that it can be started and activated at any time.

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