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Difference between common cages and breeder cages


Breeder cages:

Artificial insemination is generally used in breeder cages, compared with common cage differences as following:  


1. Cage of males and females are separately

2. Single cage mesh size and wire diameter should adapt to the characteristics of larger breeders with big weight

3. Generally speaking, each single-caged can include two hens

4. Kennel structure should be facilitating to the catch chickens for artificial insemination, Angle kennel is more convenient. There is a breeder cage with certain percentage of male, female by using natural mating.


Breeder cages character compared with common cage:

1. Increase the stocking density

2. Reducing dirty eggs, defective egg and improve hatching egg rate

3. Artificial insemination is easy to damage hen breeder and increased labor intensity

4. By mechanized production can improve labor productivity


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