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How to thoroughly disinfect the chicken house?


The most effective disinfection method for chicken coops is to carry out empty stall disinfection, because this kind of disinfection is very thorough and does not leave dead ends. In the prevention and control of chicken diseases, chicken house disinfection is a necessary preventive measure to prevent chicken diseases, which can effectively prevent the breeding and spread of diseases and reduce the occurrence of diseases. How to thoroughly disinfect the chicken house? What is the best way to disinfect the chicken house? How long can the chicken house be disinfected? This article describes in detail as follows for reference.

1. Cleaning and cleaning. Clean up the eggs and leftover materials in the empty house. Move the tools you can move outside the house to moisturize. Clean the floor, cage bottom, roof, wall and window sill to remove debris. Then rinse the removed feeding utensils with a high-pressure water gun, rinse them, and put them in a designated location for later use. For the chicken house, it is generally washed from top to bottom. After washing, the dirt is removed. In winter, the feces should be removed in time. Ditch sewage.
2. Soak the water line. Soaking the waterline is beneficial to kill various pathogens in the waterline. You can choose to soak it with peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other disinfectants. Generally, it is soaked for 24 hours. After soaking, the waterline must be soaked gradually for each layer to avoid personnel. In case of injury, take protective measures when adding medicine to avoid burns.
3. Spray disinfection. Spray disinfection can kill most of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the chicken house. For spray disinfection, you can choose disinfectants such as povidone iodine, quaternary ammonium salts, and chlorine preparations. Disinfectants should be prepared as they are, and they should be prepared in accordance with the instructions for use. The concentration is adjusted, and the phase disinfectant can be disinfected after preparation. Disinfection should be from the back to the front, from the inside to the outside of the chicken house, from the beams, walls and then cages to the bottom of the floor. After spraying, the breeder should include clean water in the storage bucket. After cleaning, The sewage is drained clean.
4. Fumigation and disinfection. Fumigation with methanol can kill bacterial propagules, spores, fungi and viruses in the chicken house. The disinfection area is the widest. Generally, 15-30 ml of methanol per cubic meter is used. Fumigation is affected by temperature and humidity, and the temperature is higher than 25. The temperature is relatively 80%. After these conditions are met, it can be directly disinfected. The humidity is less than 80%, and it can be disinfected after spraying water on the ground. Before fumigation, the doors, windows and vents should be closed, and the entire chicken house should be sealed with a film to ensure a good disinfection effect. After completion, the staff leave the chicken house and seal the fumigation for 48 hours. After fumigation, open the door and window mixing vents until the chicken house smells.

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