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Egg chicken breeding


 If you still have not decided on whether you want to go ahead with this project, here are a few of the best reasons why people are starting their own flocks.

Though the idea of "free eggs" usually tops the list, there is a bit more to the cost of your eggs that you should think about. While you don''t literally pay for your eggs, there is a cost to keeping and raising chickens. It contributes to what you are paying out for your eggs. You have considerable control this, depending on how you raise your birds. If you only feed your chickens commercial, the costs will be higher than if you add in your own vegetable and fruit waste. Larger pen space also means your chickens can eat more insects and worms, also leading to lower costs.

Also, a really fancy chicken coop with cedar shingles or expensive gingerbread trim will cost so much that you will need to collect years worth of eggs to offset the cost. Keep it simple, and your flock will pay for itself sooner.

Cost is not the only issue either. Many people who choose to keep their own chickens for more ethical reasons. By having your own flock, you are not supporting the poor treatment and conditions that are found in commercial egg facilities. With access to a varied and natural diet, along with fresh air and sunshine, the eggs laid by your chickens will healthier, tastier and larger than store-bought eggs as well. And of course, the level of freshness is incomparable.

Meanwhile eggs are only 1 reason for keeping chickens. The chapter on uses for chickens will elaborate, but you can raise chickens for meat, the manure, insect control and more. They are very handy little animals to have in a backyard.


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