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Feeding management of early spring brooding chicks


Although it is now in early spring, the temperature is still low, and it fluctuates hot and cold, and it is not stable. The chicks are relatively young, and the feeding and management must be strengthened. Otherwise, it is easy to cause mortality or disease. So, how to raise early spring brooding chickens? What should be paid attention to? Let's take a look together:

One, cold protection and heat preservation
For brooders, the temperature is still low in early spring, and insulation must be done well. The temperature in the brooding room was maintained at 32°C-33°C for the first few days. After that, the temperature dropped by 2°C to 3°C every week, and remained at about 23°C after 4 weeks of age.
2. Maintain humidity
For chicks aged 1-7 days, the relative humidity in the house should be 60%-70%. After 7 days of age, the relative humidity should be maintained at 50%-60%.
3. Reasonable lighting
The chicks can be lighted for 24 hours at the age of 1-2 days, and the light can be seen to eat; the light is generally not turned on at the age of 3-14 days except for night feeding; the light will be increased after 15 days of age.
Fourth, the density is appropriate
1-2 weeks old chicks, about 30 per square meter, and from 3 weeks of age, 5 per square meter per week.
Five, scientific feeding
The chicks can be eaten 24 hours after they are out of their shells. Give drinking water before starting the food, and let the chicks drink freely with 200 mg/L potassium permanganate solution. At the beginning of feeding, five mature rice can be sprinkled on the plastic sheet to let the chicks learn to peck. Chicks within 15 days of age are fed 5-6 times a day. After 15 days of age, they will gradually transition to feeding 4 times a day. Clean drinking water is continuously provided. Vitamins and antibiotics are added to the water in appropriate amounts.
Six, ventilation
The metabolism of the chicks is strong, the fresh air required per unit weight and the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide and water vapor are large, and the ammonia gas is continuously released from the chicken manure. Poor environmental factors in the house will bring stress to the chickens, affect the normal activities of the chickens, affect the growth and development of the body, reduce the immune function of the body, increase the probability of disease infection, and hinder the growth and development of the chickens to varying degrees. Therefore, the brooding room should pay special attention to ventilation.
There is a contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation in the brooding room. The effective way to solve this contradiction is: early spring, late autumn and winter, when the air is cold and lack of ventilation equipment, it can be carried out while the chickens are eating, because the chickens are eating. When the material is in an active state, a drop of 2°C to 4°C in the house temperature will not hinder the chicken body, but avoid facing the wind. Wait for the chickens to finish eating, and when 2/3 of the chickens in the flock start or are drinking, then close the windows. It is strictly forbidden to open windows for ventilation when chickens are resting. Otherwise, chickens are prone to catch a cold or cause respiratory diseases.
Ventilation and insulation are often contradictory issues. To solve this pair of contradictory problems, a good way is to install skylights on the roof, or install ventilation fans at the high windows under the eaves.

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