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The superiority of chicken artificial insemination


(1) Improve fertilization rate. According to reports, the fertilization rate of artificial insemination of caged hens in the United States is as high as 96.2%. In my country's high-quality native chicken breeding industry, the fertilization rate of artificial insemination eggs is as high as 93%, which is significantly higher than that of naturally mated chickens.
(2) Expand the ratio of males and females, increase the utilization rate of males, and save costs. According to reports, a rooster collects sperm once every other day, and can lose 60 to 70 breeding hens within a week, thereby providing the utilization rate of high-quality breeding roosters and reducing the number of breeding roosters, so artificial insemination is adopted. Technology to produce breeding eggs can reduce production costs.
(3) It can overcome the difficulty of mating due to the disparity of individual body weight between male and female. When the cock is injured and unable to mate naturally, especially for excellent individuals, the use of artificial insemination technology can make the excellent individuals fully utilized.
(4) Increase the accuracy and reliability of breeding experiments. When conducting comparative experiments, the use of artificial insemination can reduce individual differences with male males and increase the accuracy and reliability of breeding experiments.
(5) Breeding hens can be raised in cages, which makes the record of egg production more accurate and promotes the progress of breeding. Cage breeding can completely mechanize the production process of breeder chickens. Compared with flat rearing, the feed consumption for producing breeding eggs can be reduced by 10% to 15%. Due to the expansion of the ratio of males and females, a large number of offspring of the same age can be obtained, and the roosters can be identified more reliably in a short period of time according to the quality of the offspring, and the exchange of roosters can be accelerated.
(6) Avoid or reduce the spread of sexual organ diseases.
(7) The use of frozen semen can make breeding free from the life restriction of breeding roosters. After the rooster dies, the use of frozen semen can achieve the purpose of breed or strain replication. At present, some countries are considering setting up "semen banks" to expand gene banks.
(8) It is conducive to the exchange of semen from superior breeds or strains. It is conducive to the exchange of semen from domestic and international high-quality breeds or strains of roosters, and breaks time, region or national boundaries.

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