Six companies participated in Central online club elite activity


All members of our company and other five companies participated in a one-day Central online club elite activity. All members of these companies are actively involved in every elite activity. Each company has a strong corporate team awareness, and actively participate in each elite activity.
One of the most  challenge elite activity was the first about breaking through the defense . In order to break through the defense arrangement, face again and again failures, all girls did not give up, from the beginning of blind to go to organized completed, we paid a lot. Some of my colleagues fell on the floor, face their injuries, we do not give up. We believe in the power of solidarity is the largest.In our joint efforts we broke through the defense. In fact, we beat ourselves.
Another game is divided all the members into two groups, group leader for the company's boss. If the group lose,the leader will be punished. In order to prevent our leader punished, the members of our two team are working hard to finish this game. But the game will eventually be the outcome of the points.Seeing the boss for our mistakes be punished, we are very uncomfortable. Whether in life or at work all the fault of our commitment committed by parents and bosses with, we are so selfish. This elite activity tells us that we must learn to bear, not everyone can always pay for our mistakes, and we should learn to grow up.
The elite activity of our six companies are major significance to deepen the feelings between us and the boss, we are touched by our boss made for us. Our boss is the organizer of the elite activity, planners and chaired people who pay a lot for the elite activity. Such an effort to pay people, we will remember him. He is Nie Shuguang, the manager of
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