Water activities held in zhengzhou


15th, July, 2014 is a special day . The day means that our company has engaged in foreign trade anniversary. In order to celebrate it, all members of our company went to Mala Bay water park located in Zhengzhou. Although the weather was very hot that day, but all of us are actively involved and arrived there in due course.
We actively took part in every water activities and feel a sense of cool from the water. There are all kinds of water activities. For example, water roller coaster, big horn, swimming pool and so on. All the water activities are interesting and challenging. These water activities not only enhance the feelings between us, but also awareness of employees to exercise a challenge. This harmonious family through our joint efforts, I believe we will have a good development in the near future.
Our company locate in the Central Plains, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. We are mainly engaged in the export of animal husbandry equipment. We can provide you with animal cages,automatic feeding and drinking equipments,environmental control equipments,waste treatment facilities and any products that you would need on raising pig,cattle,sheep,chicken and any other livestocks.



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