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Wet curtain + fan cooling system works


When the outdoor fan air is drawn into the hot cooling water, covered with a wet paper curtain of cooling water into the water from liquid into gaseous molecules absorb large amounts of heat in the air so that

the air temperature is decreased rapidly, the hot air is mixed with the indoor , exhausted to the outside through the suction fan.

"Wet curtain + fan" cooling system, excellent performance:

Efficient: In the southern region, the general cooling unit can reach 4-13C, Cool in hot, dry areas up 4-15C, and cool quickly.

Energy: running low power consumption, a group of machines only 1 degree per hour of electricity,

Environmental protection: no compressor, no refrigerant, no pollution, low noise.

Health: continue to provide fresh clean air, increasing the oxygen content of air.

Save money: wet curtain installed in the same area + fan is two-fifths of the total investment in central air conditioning.

Simple: easy to install, low maintenance, easy to operate, no need professional maintenance.


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