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Disinfection measures for pig houses


For pig farmers, in addition to the daily feeding and management of pigs, the disinfection of pig houses is also very important. Generally, pig houses need to be disinfected regularly, so as to reduce the probability of pig diseases. Let's learn together what measures are there for pig house disinfection?

Pig house disinfection method

1. Sanitary cleaning
Before disinfecting the pig house, the pig house must be thoroughly cleaned, such as the ground, roof, cobwebs on doors and windows, etc. Pay special attention to some dead corners, and even need to disassemble the equipment and move the dung leakage board. Thorough cleaning can greatly reduce the survival rate of bacteria, and disinfection afterward will get twice the result with half the effort.
2. Space disinfection
The disinfection of pig houses, delivery rooms, warehouses and other spaces can be carried out by ultraviolet radiation, drug fumigation or spraying. It is recommended to install ultraviolet lamps in the pig farm houses for 24-hour irradiation for disinfection and sterilization.
3. Wash the pig house
Strictly flush the piggery. The method of flushing is from top to bottom, from far to near, especially the ground and walls. Where there are stubborn stains, it needs to be scraped clean with a tool. After rinsing, ventilate to dry.
4. Disinfection method
After preparing the disinfectant solution, the disinfection method is still from top to bottom, from far to near, and spray disinfection in order. After spraying and disinfecting, close the doors and windows of the pig house for 2-3 hours, and then open the windows for ventilation. It is necessary to pay attention to the disinfection of food troughs, sinks, drinking fountains, etc., and they must be cleaned to prevent excessive residual taste from affecting the appetite or drinking water of pigs.
5. Drinking water disinfection
The problem of drinking water is also one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of epidemics in pig farms. Therefore, the disinfection of drinking water must be done well in the daily feeding and management of pig farms. Disinfection can be done by adding bleach to drinking water.
6. Pig body surface disinfection
Pig body surface disinfection can use disinfectants that are strong in killing bacteria and viruses but are harmless to pigs, such as: 0.1% peracetic acid, superchlorine, 0.1% bromogeramine, etc.

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