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Summary of health care solutions for suckling piglets that should not be missed


We usually call the stage from birth to one month of weaning of piglets as the lactation period. Although some pig farms have different weaning times for piglets, for convenience, this article still uses 30 days as a cycle to calculate.

Physiological characteristics of suckling piglets
Temperature: Sows are afraid of heat and piglets are afraid of cold, so each birthing bed will place a litter box. The purpose is to take good care of the mothers and piglets. The management of cold-aware piglets is more troublesome, so special care is required.
Immune status: Maternal antibodies determine the health status of suckling piglets, so it is very important to immunize sows before delivery. Because there is a lag in immune protection, the immunity status of suckling piglets depends on the sow and the status of nursing piglets. Look at the suckling piglets.
Management points of suckling piglets
Eat good colostrum: As mentioned earlier, the immune status of suckling piglets depends on the sow, so the vaccine antibodies that the sow has immunized will be transmitted to the piglets through the colostrum, so that the piglets can pass the safe lactation period. Generally speaking, the protection period of colostrum is more than two weeks or even longer. For example, swine fever is about 3 weeks or more, and the maternal antibody of pseudorabies can even reach more than 50 days. In the case of PRRS and circovirus disease There are special lengths and shortcomings, but more than 2 weeks is still guaranteed.
Do a good job of lure: The most important task for piglets before weaning is to teach the piglets to eat, so the lure is very important. Of course, the current teaching trough manufacturer has a set of procedures, and there is no need to describe it here. The principle of weaning is to keep the piglets and not the mother, and gradually increase the feed supply of the piglets in proportion in the first three days until the piglets consume the feed completely.
Supplement of iron, selenium, and cobalt: The content of trace elements iron and selenium in breast milk is less, and the iron element carried by piglets after birth is also quite limited, which is far from meeting their own growth needs, and insufficient iron and selenium content will seriously affect The health and growth of piglets, so iron supplementation for piglets at 3 days of age is very important and must not be ignored.
Make a good vaccine: The vaccine program during the lactation period directly determines the health of the pigs in the future. Therefore, the vaccine program during the lactation period must be arranged. In addition, since most of the vaccinations are in a small area behind the ears, we Try to avoid injecting too many unrelated drugs to piglets, and try not to inject if you can take it orally. Use long-acting and broad-spectrum drugs as much as possible for injections for health care, such as "Yisuda". Iron supplements can be placed in the muscles of the hind legs. injection.
Diseases that occur during lactation
Viral diseases: Viral diarrhea, No. 5 disease, pseudorabies, viral diseases, because there are no specific drugs, we have to work hard in disinfection, environment, sow vaccination, etc., piglets less than 3 days old can exceed Avoid swine fever and pseudorabies nasal drip immunity.
Bacterial diseases: yellow and white diarrhea, red diarrhea, but more antibiotics are used, such as qingda kana dysentery, "demixian", etc., but the effect is not as good as a prenatal injection of yellow, red and white diarrhea six Price seedlings "Li Tejia".
Parasites and others: Coccidia, refractory diarrhea in piglets around half a month are mostly related to this. The use of anti-coccidial drugs Baiqiuqing or sulfa drugs "Ruianxin" can have a good effect.

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