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How To Raising Pigs


Main equipment of pig farm:farrowing cratesHeat lampspig teeth clipperspig tail cutting plierscastrating knife, pig drinker. 

The most important thing you have to bear in mind as you begin your pig farm business is how to raise pigs for beginners?

For pig breeding beginners it is recommended that you buy atleast three pigs being,one boar and two gilts(sows). Just like any other animal, pigs grow healthier and fast kept with company. If you are buying all the animals from one breeder insist that the boar and gilt(sow) are of a different blood line. Its vital to keep the bloodline pure.

It is advisable to buy pigs that are of a minimum weight of atleast 22-25kg.For easy terming of your animals and health control.

There are several modern commercial pig breeds that a farmer can choose from and which will do well for your business.Generally as compared to pure breeds,cross breeds grow faster and are more efficient.

It is advisable to provide enough and adequate roaming space for each pig. Ventilation and temeprature control is a vital element,the barn is usually made up of concrete and the floors are made slopy for easy use of water to clean the barn. The feeding area should be seperated from the roaming area. The barn should consist of an independent weaning house,fattening house,breeding house and farrowing.

Boars are housed separately from sows and gilts except during breeding.Boars will be more apt to breed especially young ones that have been kept away from the sows till breeding time. Make sure the floor of the breeding area is not slippery.

A special room equipped with farrowing crates may be used to keep piglets warm and prevent sows from laying on the new born piglets. However the most important thing is to have a place where the piglets can get away from the sow and stay warm.sows are most comfortable at temperatures around 65-70 Fahrenheit degrees,so the temperature should be kept within that range. A day old piglets require temperature of 85-90 Fahrenheit degrees.farrowing crates have areas on each side of the sow where piglets can get away from the sow.Heat lamps shud be hung around these areas to help keep the piglets warm. Ventilation is critical to farrowing areas as well.

After piglets are born,they fight for nipples against each other.Hence when the piglet is born,we need to cut the sharp part of the teeth(pig teeth clippers) to ensure normal nursing of sows and piglets, healthy growth and development.We should be careful not to hurt the gums and tongue when cutting the teeth.Be sure the piglets do not devour the cut tooth.

Piglets need to be tailed 3-6 days of age(use pig tail cutting pliers) to reduce the piggy amount of exercise.We also need to castrate the boars using the castrating knife,it can reduce the cycle time 50%,because sex hormones can reduce exercise time,improve feed conversion rate and reduce the meat peculiar smell.Then your pigs can growth quickly and give you the biggest feedback.

Many farmers wean their pigs at 3weeks of age or less.
Temperature requirments for weaned pigs are not as high as those of the newly born,by 6weeks of age pigs can do well at about 70 Fahrenheit degrees or less.The piglets are weaned for atleast 8-10weeks of age.

The nutritional requirements of weaned pigs change rapidly from the time piglets are 3weeks old until they reach 40-50pound (20kg),at 3weeks piglets are accustomed to a milk based diet and by 10weeks of age they can digest grains. At this point they are fed with weaning feed,very nutritious,smooth and easy to digest by the piglets.

Lactation is the process of making milk by the sow for the piglets to eat. It is high in proteins,vitamins, minerals and energy that is needed to grow and thrive. The first milk from the sow during and after farrowing is called colostrum,this special milk contains antibodeis against diseases the sow has encourted and protects piglets from those diseases for the first 3weeks. Ideally nutritions needed by the sow should come from the feed hence need to buy the right feed and from the right suppliers.

For pigs to grow fast energy is required which makes it a vital element. Cereal grains make up high energy portions of pig diet and provides alot of calories per kilo of feed.They are an important component when pigs are fed for maximum growth,production or fattening for slaughter.

Some of the vital functions of water include temperature regulation,transport of nutrients and waste,a maltitude of metabolic processes and lubrication through out the body. Fresh,clean and constant water supply is a must. you can use drinking bowl to help the pigs drink the water,it can save water ,and can make the pigs drink fresh water,pigs have no poles hence they do not sweat.

Cereal grains and soybean meal contain a little bit of fat but fat is sometimes added to pig dietin order to increase the energy density,especially in summer weather.

In order to grow and produce most efficiently,pigs need minerals in their diets that arent supplied by grains.

Vitamines are divided into 2 classes-fat soluble (A,D,E,K) and water soluble (B complex and C). All these are relevant for pig growth.

Vaccines are pig raising basics element to the growth of your pigs and health. These give them the ability to resist many piggery diseases.
Major virus diseases that may be controlled by vaccination.
Aujeszky disease,foot and mouth,swine fever,swine influeza and prrs.
Bacterial diseases:atrophic rhinitis,clostridial disease,erysipelas,leptospirosis,pasteurellosis,streptococcal meningitis.etc.

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