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How to choose the location of pig farm


The pig industry is booming day by day. When the pig price rises, pig breeding has become a promising industry, but the location of pig farms is very important, and the selection of location will become a major focus of pig breeding. Long term planning. Today's society is developing rapidly, urban and rural construction is changing with each passing day, and pig farming is a long-term industry. Therefore, the construction of pig farms should comply with the development of the city. If they can become part of the urban vegetable basket project and be built in the urban planned animal husbandry production base, the embarrassment of demolition and relocation can be avoided. In order to isolate dust, smell and noise, the pig farm should be located in the downwind of residential area, more than 300 ~ 500m away, m away from the main traffic line, and the selected location has enough expansion space.
The orientation of the pigsty. The pigsty should face south. It can also have a certain deflection according to the terrain and latitude, so as to facilitate sunny heating in winter and cool in summer. Modern mechanized pig raising adopts artificial climate control, which is not strict with the requirements of orientation, and focuses more on facilitating centralized management and realizing mechanized production.
Water, electricity, transportation and other factors. A mechanized pig farm with 1000 pigs has a daily water consumption of 16t. Clean and stable water source must be considered first. The installed capacity of the pig farm is large, generally 30kW, and there is no power failure. Once the power failure occurs, the pigs can't drink water when they are thirsty, can't ventilate and cool down when they are hot, and can't heat and keep warm when the piglets are cold, which will seriously affect the production. Therefore, it is best to build the pig farm in an area with stable power supply of the power grid. At the same time, it should also provide its own small generator to prevent accidents. For a 1000 head pig farm, about 4T of feed, feces and pigs go in and out every day. If the pig farm is built in a place with convenient transportation, the transportation cost can be reduced.
Health and epidemic prevention. In order to maintain good sanitary and epidemic prevention conditions, the site should be located in a place with high terrain, open terrain and good ventilation. At the same time, it should be far away from residential areas, medical institutions, slaughterhouses and other places. It is best to set up only one access.
Fecal sewage treatment. The amount of fecal pollution in 1000 pig farms is very large. If it cannot be treated in time and effectively, it will pollute the surrounding environment and cause ecological imbalance. Therefore, the site selection should consider being far away from drinking water sources and leaving room for sewage treatment. Fecal treatment, combined with fish pond breeding, fruit and vegetable planting and production of other crops, to turn waste into treasure; It can also be sold as fertilizer after drying.
Other buildings in the production area mainly include pig outlet, fecal outlet, biogas digester, feed room, veterinary room, personnel disinfection room, vehicle disinfection room and roads. The following points should be paid attention to in the planning and Design:
The roads in the production area can be roughly divided into sidewalks, feed roads, pig and dung roads according to the purpose.
The water source and power supply shall be close to each pig house to facilitate use and reduce waste. At the same time, there should be practical protection measures for the water source to avoid pollution, and the power supply should be safe.
Fecal sewage treatment should be planned uniformly and fully utilized in combination with actual conditions. Pay attention to the separation of sewage and rainwater to reduce the amount of sewage treatment.
② Water, electricity and traffic conditions: the daily water consumption of a 10000 head pig farm is 150 ~ 250 t, and the water quality should meet the drinking standard; The power consumption is 80 ~ 100 kW except for feed processing; Convenient material transportation.
③ Health and epidemic prevention conditions: considering the terrain, terrain, location, water source, soil, climate and other factors, it is necessary to stay away from residential areas, farms, slaughterhouses and traffic trunk lines.
④ Fecal sewage treatment and environmental protection conditions: ecological and environmental protection schemes should be used to combine with vegetable fields, fish ponds, orchards and farmland as far as possible to make sewage harmless and reduced. Under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, the difference between the water vapor partial pressure on the surface of the pig and the water vapor partial pressure in the air is reduced, which reduces the evaporation heat dissipation and makes it more difficult for the pig to dissipate heat, thus aggravating the heat stress of the pig.. 42 ℃ high temperature and dry climate, sows will not die of heat; When the temperature is 37 ℃ but the humidity is high, the sows will die of heat.
High humidity is beneficial to the reproduction of various pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and the incidence rate of pigs increases and the condition increases. Pigs are prone to skin diseases such as scabies and eczema, as well as the prevalence of infectious diseases such as piglet paratyphoid, piglet dysentery, classical swine fever and swine erysipelas. Don't flush the ground of the pigsty with water
Even if the ground must be washed, it must be carried out in sunny weather with good ventilation to dry the air and ground as soon as possible.
Add floor window: compared with the ventilation of the upper window, the effect of floor window is more obvious, because the wind passing through the floor window blows directly to the ground, which is easier to evaporate water;
Using fan: the fan can strengthen the air flow. This method works very well in the empty house. We used to use a large fan to blow day and night when the nursery can't be dry, which quickly makes the nursery dry.
Some people may say that quicklime will generate heat, which can increase the temperature in the house and is not suitable for use in pig houses in summer; The advantages of using quicklime outweigh the disadvantages. First, the heat generated by quicklime is very small, which will not significantly increase the temperature in the house; Second, after drying the air, the sow will absorb the dry air, which is more conducive to the loss of heat in the body. That is, we said that high temperature and low humidity will not heat the sow to death, while the sow will die when the temperature is not so high but the humidity is high.

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