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How to reduce weak piglets in the farrowing room?


1. Strengthen immune monitoring and reduce immune loopholes. In order to ensure the health of breeding pigs and reduce the number of weak piglets caused by the disease, it is necessary to vaccinate swine fever, PRRS, parvovirus, Japanese encephalitis, pseudorabies and other vaccines in accordance with scientific immunization procedures. Add 1% of "Chumai No.1" before and after immunization to reduce immune stress and increase antibody levels. Regularly check the antibodies against the above diseases and monitor the health of the pigs. If the antibodies are found to be unqualified, they should be vaccinated in time or take other preventive measures.
2. Do a good job of feeding and management of sows during pregnancy. Feeding and management goals during pregnancy: On the one hand, to ensure that sows have good nutritional reserves, minimize weight loss during lactation, maintain good body condition during reproduction, and promote the development of mammary gland tissues to ensure adequate lactation On the other hand, sows should take in enough nutrients to promote the survival, growth and development of embryos. According to the growth law of embryos, low-energy, low-protein diets should be adopted during and early pregnancy of sows, and the feeding amount should be controlled, and the feeding of green feed should be increased appropriately to reduce the lack of milk and milk due to the obstruction of the sow’s mammary gland development. Weak piglets produced; adopt high-energy, high-protein diets in the late pregnancy, and gradually increase the amount of feed. Add 1% of "Shen Ming No. 1" to the feed to increase the newborn weight of piglets, improve uniformity and promote lactation. Reduce the use of chemical drugs, and prohibit the use of embryo-toxic chemical drugs for disease prevention and treatment. For sows with constipation and intestinal disorders, the normal function of the intestine can be restored by supplementing intestinal nutrition. Heatstroke prevention and cooling work should be done in the high temperature and humidity season in summer to create a comfortable pregnancy environment for sows.
3. Do the farrowing and midwifery of sows. When sows show signs of delayed labor or dystocia (without giving birth to a fetus at an interval of 30 minutes), scientifically use oxytocin to assist delivery. Promote uterine contraction, increase sow physical strength, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial; reduce weak piglets caused by delayed labor and postpartum infection.
4. Improve maternal immunity and enhance piglet resistance. The piglet’s immune system is imperfect and completely relies on maternal immunity to resist diseases. Adding the anti-disease nutrition "sow-specific dazhuang hormone" during the fetal period and lactation period of sows to increase the content of maternal antibodies and anti-disease nutrients in colostrum and normal milk, thereby enhancing the piglets' own resistance and reducing infections risks of. Reduce sick piglets caused by poor resistance and susceptibility to diseases.
5. Strengthen the feeding and management of piglets. Piglets should eat colostrum immediately after birth. Colostrum has high albumin and globulin content and low fat content. Eating enough colostrum is the most important way for piglets to gain disease resistance in the early stage. The high acidity of colostrum is good for digestion and absorption and can promote the excretion of meconium. Fix the nipples for the piglets within 2 to 3 days after birth. Do a good job of heat preservation of piglets and create the most suitable environmental temperature for piglets: 35~29℃ for 0~3 days old and 29~25℃ for 4~7 days old. Piglets are given iron supplementation on the 1st to 3rd day after birth, and selenium supplementation on the 3rd to 5th day; use long-acting antibiotics without immunosuppressive effect for disease prevention and treatment. Reduce acquired weak piglets caused by disease infection and improper drug use after piglets are born.

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