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Reasons why your pigs have slow growth



If pigs aren't growing quickly, they're eating into profits and you might want to think about the cause. It could be genetics, malnutrition, parasites or diseases - but it's probably just that your farm isn't giving them a good environment.
One of the most common questions farm owners ask is how to grow their businesses. Growth can be a good thing, but it also means that your farm will need to make more decisions and spend more time and resources on caring for your pigs that were once taken care of by someone else who was maybe not passionate or interested in them.
As many as 75% of all pig farms have been forced to close around the world because they couldn't keep up with demand from larger farms or provide pigs at a competitive price point. This article explores why pigs are not being raised properly and what can be done about this problem now so we don't face even greater losses in our farms in future.
As the global population continues to grow, so does the demand for protein. Pigs are one of the most efficient and cost-effective sources of protein, but they require a lot more care than other farm animals. As we've seen in recent years with China's epidemic SARS outbreak and India's deadly swine flu pandemic, pigs can be carriers for diseases that threaten human health. You'll want to take steps to keep your herd healthy and protect yourself from liability by understanding what you need to do before investing in this type of livestock.
Here are some main reasons why your pigs are growing very slowly.
Diseases: A sick pig may not feel like eating. So try and prevent disease outbreaks and treat them as soon as possible when they occur.
Environmental conditions: Pig farmers should feed pigs during cooler times and make up for nutritional losses with additional minerals to combat the negative effects of heat stress. Pigs are more likely to eat a lot when it is cold outside. To prevent poor feeding habits, feed them during the cooler times of day and add minerals to their diet so they don't lose any nutrients due to heat stress.
Poor feed: To improve the growth of your pigs, you should ask a professional or a seasoned successful farmer about what to feed them. They can help formulate different feeding programs that meet nutritional requirements at specific stages in production.
An animal husbandry officer or a seasoned and successful pig farmer can help you formulate a feeding program to meet the nutritional requirements of pigs at different stages in production.
Pigs may be growing poorly due to low-quality feed, difficulty digesting it or an unappetizing taste. The pig's health should not suffer from improper nutrition so work with an animal health technician and dietician for healthy growth.
To sum it up
Pigs are a critical part of many farms, but they can also be challenging to care for. If you want your pigs to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s important that you know the right way to take care of them so they don't have health complications or experience any other problems down the line. One thing is certain - if you’re not paying attention, it could cost both animal welfare and profitability in the long run. Let us help you understand ways to boost their growth on your farm.

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