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Yorkshire Pig


Introduction of yorkshire pig:
About Yorkshire pigs in the eighteenth century in Britain, because of its large physique and fast weight gain,it is one of the world famous meat type varieties.After introduced into our country, after years of cultivating domesticated,it already has good adaptability, fast growth, feed utilization rate is high,breed more.

Appearance characteristics about Yorkshire pig's
Yorkshire systemic white hair, it is also called Large White. Physically large, well-proportioned body, erect ears, straight nose, back and waist bow slightly longer limbs, head and neck longer, dimpled face, body length drive.

Production Performance of Yorkshire pig
Adult boar weighing 250 to 300 kg,Adult sows weighing 230 to 250 kg.Fast weight gain, save feed,weight can be up to 100 kg within 6 month.Good nutrition, free feeding conditions, daily gain can reach more than 700 grams, consumption of per kilogram weight compound feed below 3 kg.Weight 90 kg slaughter rate is 71% to 73% lean carcass is 60% to 65%.Sows farrowing number is 11, more than seven pairs of nipples, 8.5 to 10 months old began to breeding.

About the advantages and disadvantages of Yorkshire pigs
Yorkshire pig is one of the world famous meat type varieties.Has a wide distribution in our country,it have good adaptability, fast growth, feed utilization rate is high, the high lean meat, breed more wait for a characteristic,but is not a solid shoe quality, shortcomings and so on many shoe leg disease.


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