Counted Chicken Debeaker

  • Power : 200-250W
  • Beak trimming rate: ≤ 1800 pcs/h
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Machine Size: 270*160*130mm

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■ Specifications
Introduction of Counted Chicken Debeaker:
It is applicable to quickly cut chicken beak and stanch blood for chicken with different ages.
The best effect has been gotten after countrywide chicken farms with different scales use this machine .
The complete machine is composed of transformer ,motor and cooling exhaust fan.The machine head is equipped with motor starting boat-shaped switch and voltage-adjusting multi stage switch of electric heating movable knife.

Operating steps:
1.When the swith is turned on,adjust the temperature of movable blade to be reddish or nacarat, When the movable blade glows,start motor switch and both-shaped switch;
2.According to chicken size to adjust the aperture of micro cutter blade;
3.Hold chicken feet with left hand, chicken neck with right thumb,and pin chicken throat with righ-hand forefinger.Then, stick chicken beak into the aperture.When the movable blade drops,stop bleeding
with 1-4 seconds.
■ Technical Data
Data Table:
Model Counted Chicken Debeaker
Power 200-250W
Beak trimming rate ≤ 1800 pcs/h
Temperature of movable knife 750-950°C
Red-heat time of movable knife <30 seconds
Time of stopping knife and stanching blood 0-4 seconds
Weight 7.5-8.5kg
Machine Size 270*160*130mm 371 5517 0327
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