Chicken Electric Debeaker

  • Power: 200-250w
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Packaging: Wooden box

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■ Specifications
Electric debeaker operational principle:
By chian bar drive components,A built-in Low-speed motor drives electric thermal movable blade up and down,and automatically fix position with beak cutter blade in order to trim beak quickly and stop bleeding in time.
1.When the swith is turned on,adjust the temperature of movable blade to be reddish or nacarat,according to the chicken size;
2.When the movable blade glows,start motor switch and bote-shaped switch;
3.Adjust the aperture of micro cutter blade according to chicken size;
4.Hold chicken feet with left hand, chicken neck with right thumb,and pin chicken throat with righ-hand forefinger.Then, stick chicken beak into the aperture.When the movable blade drops,stop bleeding with 2-3 seconds.
■ Technical Data
Technical parameters:
Voltage Power Temperature range of movable blade Beak trimming rate blade stopping time reddish time size weight
220V+15% 220-250w 700-950°C 1800 pcs/h 0-4seconds; adjustable <30seconds L270*W160* H135mm 7kg 371 5517 0327
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