Plastic flat netting for chicken/poultry

  • Material:: HDPE
  • Weave:: thermoplastic cold setting
  • Color:: white, green, black, other colors can be customized.

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■ Specifications
Plastic flat netting is mainly used for chicken,duck,goose,rabbit and other poultry's house.This floor is corrosion resistant and easy to clean,can obviously improve the environment of poultry farm.

Weave: thermoplastic cold setting
Color: white, green, black, other colors can be customized.
Features: has wear-resisting, acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, great toughness.
1.Used as bottom mesh, fence netting, and Marine aquaculture net (all sorts of model such as chickens and ducks silkworm shrimp);
2.As lining material of the mattress;
3.For highway subgrade strengthening, retaining soil slope protection engineering network.

1) PVC material plastic floor covering
2) poultry farm plastic chicken slat flooring
3)Corrosion resistant and easy to clean,environmental
plastic floor covering

1) Easy to install, uninstall, clean and disinfect.plastic floor covering
2) Improves poultry health and bird productivity.
3) Keeps poultry coops cleaner and drier.
4) Reduces cleaning time and labor cost.
5) Suitable for any dimensions of poultry house. Panels can be easily cut to assemble.
6) Suitable for different animals. Flatness can be easily controlled through its four supports.
7) Shatter-proof and warp-proof with 10 years life-span and very competitive price.

■ Technical Data
Model Diameter(holes) Suitable for
S 0.8-1.2cm Baby chicken
M 1.6-1.8cm  
L 2.0-4.0cm  
Net Width:0.7m,1.5m,2m,2.5m;             Net Length:50m; 371 5517 0327
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