Poultry/Chicken Plastic Slat Floor

  • Product name: Ventilation Plastic Slat Floor
  • Material: PP+PE
  • Certificate: ISO90012009
  • Life time: 10 years
  • Color: white yellow green grey
  • Small hole: 20*15*8mm

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■ Specifications
Structure of plastic slat floor:
1. pure starting materials (plastic) an injection molding, divided into brood floor,poultry floor.
2. corrosion resistance, aging resistance. In the original package compound added antioxidants, anti-aging agents, anti-UV agents.
3. easy to clean and disinfect, easy washable, even with a high concentration of acidic or alkaline disinfectants, will not corrode.
4. Use a good rate of 8 - 10 years.
5. The floor joists reinforced plastic extrusion molding, into a conservancy joists Conservancy machine Conservancy joists.
6. Disposable Conservancy height during installation, can be adjusted.
7. birdhouse Conservancy machine conservancy channel, the best control in less than two meters.
8. apply to chickens, ducks, geese, as well as fattening chickens, ducks, geese, and breeders.
9. recyclable after cleaning and then add some crushed raw materials and chemical agents modified, by injection molding to the floor again after, but also with about 6 years.

Advantage of the plastic slat floor:
• Improves animal health and reduces cleaning time and labor cost.
• Foot problems and breast blisters in poultry virtually disappear.
• Rugged, non-porous polypropylene flooring inhibits bacteria growth.
• A clean, comfortable floor keeps animals healthy and happy!
• Will not rust or rot.
• Panels cut easily to fit any dimension.
• Also great as roof rack flooring for vehicles!
• Interlock on the 4' sides for ease of assembly and strength.
• In addition to end supports, slats must have a center support.

■ Technical Data
Name Size(mm) Hole size(mm) Weight Material Color
plastic slat floor 1200*500*400 8*15*20 2.1KG PP white
plastic slat floor 1200*500*400 20*24 2.1KG PP white

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