Cattle/Sheep Salt Lick Block For Sale

  • Name: Cattle/Sheep Salt Lick Block For Sale
  • Application: Cattle,Sheep,Horse
  • Usage: Animal nutrition feed
  • Shape: Block structure
  • Warranty: 3 years

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■ Specifications

Features of salt/lick block:

1. Salt/lick block blocks are innovative high-tech productsCarefully developed to balance sheep nutrition comprehensively. They are rich in Major, trace and rare elements ,V.E, Licking quantity control agent, efficient growth promoting agent and function regulator necessary for sheep.

2. Salt/lick block have nutrition health carefunction by adjusting the physiological metabolism.At the same time, they caneffectively improve the feed conversion rate, promote growth, the production performance, quality of animal products.

3. Salt/lick block can Replenish,balance and regulate Mineral nutrition to prevent and reduce the morbidity of licking fetish, foot rot, white myopathy, postpartum paralysis, calves, rickets  nutritional anemia caused by mineral nutrition deficiencyand dysequilibrium, thick fur, sand crack, repeatedly infertility, abortion, stillbirth, afterbirth not bottom, breast dysplasia, breast dysplasia, mastitis, postpartum hypogalactia.

Main ingredients of salt/lick block:

Unit (mg/kg)Co: 75  Cu: 1000  Fe: 1500 Mn: 500  Na:300000Se: 20  Zn: 1000 Mg: 5000 I: 150


Ensure animal adequate clean drinking water; Don't let the animal lick the broken loose block directly; Prevent damp,breaking and loose.

■ Technical Data

Main function of salt block for sale:

1.Increase sheep feed intake by 10-20%.
2.Increase sheep weight by 10-25%.
3.Increase milk conduction by 5-20%.
4.Extend both lactating period and using fixed number of years by more than 20%.
5.Ensure the content of fresh milk protein more than 2.9%, significantly improve the quality of dairy products,replacing Melamine.
6.Contain high utilization rate organic mineral elements for animal to produce health care milk rich in iron, zinc selenium.
7.Enhance fertility, promote the baby's healthy development.
8.Obviously decrease stress reaction.
9.Preventallotriophagia, such as eating excrement, licking the urine, etc.
10.Reduce the morbidity of rickets, soft bone disease, foot rot, sand crack, repeatedly infertility, abortion, stillbirth, afterbirth not bottom, breast dysplasia, mastitis, postpartum hypogalactia, postpartum paralysis, thick fur. 371 5517 0327
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