Chicken water drinkers

  • Product name: Chicken water drinkers
  • Usage: Layers , broilers , chicks , breeders
  • Water supply: different type different water supply
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Material: PE
  • MOQ: >1000pcs

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■ Specifications
NOTE:We are chicken production supplier of China,we sell chicken cages,automatic chicken drinker system,chicken feeding system,egg collecting system and related products,our customers come from all over the world.

1.We can provide our customer chicken farm design and equipment installation guide for free;
2.We can give breeding technology support and feed supply to our customer.
3.About poultry drinker our minimum order quantity(MOQ)>1000 pieces
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Features of chicken water drinker(nipple drinker):

1. Material: Plastic and stainless-steel ball;
2. 360 degree sensitivity to meet all chickens’ drinking need;
3. Never get rusty Save Water;
4. Never leak and save water;
5. Water falling smoothly;
6. Nipple will not be blocked up;
7. Easy to install and dismantle;
9. High strength and corrosion resistance;
10. Flexible and fresh water supply.

Features of water drinkers for chickens(drinker with cup):
1.The hanging cup type chicken drinkers is made of engineering package material, no any recycled plastics, sturdy and durable, not easy to damage;
2.Directly connected to the nipple drinking fountains,easy install and disassemble,easy to clean;
3.Most of the hanging cup type chicken drinkers should corollary use with nipple drinker.

Features of chicken drinkers(tower drinker):
1. New type tower chicken drinker: 1L 1.5L 3L 6L 11L 14L;
2. Use for broilers and small chicken ,cheap,simple and popular for small farm house;
3. New plastic and long time life;
4.Mateiral: Tank and Pan in PE;
5.Color: Tank is white or transparent, pan can made in red, yellow, orange or other;
6.Vacuum drinker;
7.Easy to clear and using;
Note: We can make that color as you want: yellow, red, pink,green,blue......

Features of drinkers for chickens(plasson drinker):

Plasson drinkers is a water supply equipment used in chicken farming waterline,used in chicken farms commonly, especially as water equipment for small chicken farm;
Plasson drinker is made of water bowl, moved support, springs, water seal gasket and main pipe on the support, inlet pipe etc. It have a anti-splash board around inlet pipe on the support;
1.Plastic with 100% Virgin PE&PP material,made of pure polyethylene, anti-aging, non-polluting;
2.Novel design, reasonable structure, It saves labor cost;
3.Save water and feed, improve environment, make chicken drink fresh water every is ideal drinker in chicken farm;
4.Supply water for the rearing birds, small chickens, broiler or duck, bell trough can supply more than 30 Broilers drinking at same time.

■ Technical Data
Parameter of chicken drinkers(tower drinker):
Size Height Diameter Weight
1L drinker 17.5cm 19cm 100g
1.5L drinker 19cm 23cm 142g
3L drinker 24cm 28.5cm 240g
6L drinker 30.5cm 33.5cm 390g
11L drinker 38cm 36.5cm 678g
14L drinker 40cm 38cm 755g

Parameter drinkers for chickens(plasson drinker):
TYPE Height Diameter Flume width Packing capacity
JHPLS-1 33cm 36.5cm 4cm 1.20M3/100sets
JHPLS-2 50cm 39cm 6.5cm 1.60M3/100sets
JHPLS-3 51cm 36cm 4.5cm 1.80M3/100sets
JHPLS-4 24cm 24cm / 0.24M3/100sets 371 5517 0327
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