Automatic Chicken Feeding System

  • Volume: : 5-10t
  • Feed pipe:: 4holes/3m,3holes/3m
  • Power:: 0.75kw
  • Feed pan diameter:: 330mm, 14 grills, 40-50 birds per pan

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■ Specifications
►Description of the automatic chicken feeding system:

Automatic chicken feeding system is a complete set of automatic feeding system, included a material conveying pipe,feed pan,nipple drinker, silo, auger, drive motor and a material level sensor. Main Feed line is mainly used to deliver feed from silo to the hopper in the poultry house. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line, which can control the drive motor on and off to realize automatically feeding.

Detail of the automatic chicken feeding system:

The automatic chicken feeding system inculde material tower, motor, material sensor, hopper, deliver pipe, auger, feed pan, hanging system etc. The feeding system is mainly used to deliver feed from material tower to the hopper, then from the hopper to fulfill the feed pan one by one through delivery pipe. When the entire feed line is full of feed, control box will stop the motor from working; and when the feed is eaten up, control box will start the motor again.

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