Plastic Chicks Transport Cage

  • Use:: Little chicks
  • Type:: Poultry transport/turnover cage/crate/box/coop
  • Material:: 100% Pure raw PP
  • Color:: customizable
  • Dimension: 680*490*160mm

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■ Specifications
Product introduction:

1.Plastic cages have light weight, beautiful, easy cleaning and disinfection and good ventilated permeability;

2.The strengthen sole design, the compressive resistance stronger, can meet the frequent use;

3.Plastic Chicken Transport Cage Spring flip coop door, switch, convenient and easy to replace;

4.The bottom of the cage small grid structure can effectively avoid the chickens were injured.

■ Technical Data

Model JL-ZYX-01 JL-ZYX-02 JL-ZYX-03
Material PP PP PP
Color White, customizable White, customizable White,red,green
Size 680*490*160mm 655*500*165mm 660*460*183mm
Volume 50 pcs chicken 40 pcs chicken 40 pcs chicken
Weight 2kg 2.2kg 1.7kg
Service life 5 years
Application Slaughter houses, transport contractors carrying live chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigeons, pheasants and other live poultry. 371 5517 0327
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